Saturday, April 4, 2015

Visiting the Butterflies

Hi! On Friday for spring break I visited a local conservatory who are known for their butterfly exhibit. I haven't visited this place for a long time and really wanted to take pictures as they have great scenery, I brought Kirsten along with me and added a butterfly clip to her hair.  Don't mind that she still has Elizabeth's Summer Dress on since St. Patrick's day ;) I have to tell you, all of you are so brave for taking pictures in public, I look up to you! Excuse the non-ag photography, I wanted to include some of my favorite pictures of the gorgeous flowers and butterflies.  

 I love this picture :)

 Their was this cute village with a train going around, so adorable!

 The butterfly in the last picture was one of the illusive butterflies that was so hard to take a picture of, what was so cool was I was able to coax the butterfly onto my finger! It was really awesome! I wish I got a picture of it but I was the one taking pictures so that might have scared the butterfly away. I loved taking pictures, some of the pictures I am amazed at how they turned out :) Another important update is the dollhouse is almost fully primed! I hope next Friday I will have at least one of the rooms painted.  All of the dolls are dressed for spring, hopefully I will take a family photo-shoot today... What photo was you favorite? 
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  1. Awesome pictures! I saw some orchids in the pictures! I love orchids. Are there Phalenopsis, Cymbidium, and Oncidium plants? I am so jealous of where you live! :)

    1. Orchids are not native to our area, it's just inside a greenhouse type area :) I'm not familiar with the orchids you named but they probably are! :) Thank you!

  2. Awesome photos! Those butterflies are SOOO cool!:)


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