Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Family Photos

Besides at the end of photo stories and a holiday card I have never tried taking a family picture of all the dolls outside, it proved to be a challenge and resulted in the move to different locations around the backyard. Here is the outcome as told by each member-  
Mia: So this year we dressed up in spring clothes and started the tradition of taking a family picture each year around Easter, I could tell this would be a big mistake, taking pictures of one of us separately was fine but everyone, together? No way!
 Kirsten: I guess being one of the youngest left me no choice of what I was to wear, so, once again, I was stuck with wearing the green dress, I should win an award for wearing the same outfit in each post!
 Rebecca: I loved my outfit!

Marie Grace:Of course the lighting wasn't the best and I had to sit on the itchy grass... 
Saige: I was so squished! Kirsten AND Marie Grace were leaning against me! 
Felicity: Now I was the one who had to sit one the grass, I didn't mind, I loved my outfit and I was thankfully getting to rest. 

Saige: This picture might have turned out okay if my hair wasn't blowing in my face, and since Rebecca and Marie Grace were next to me on either side I couldn't move to brush it out of my face.  
Kirsten: My bangs look terrible in this I really that fat?

Rebecca: My hair looks really nice!You can actually see my face thanks to the headband.  
Mia:Of course this location didn't work either, too many shadows so we moved to ANOTHER position.  We also had props such as a chair and a dresser for a more natural pose, it was fun, especially to those who got to stand on the chairs. 

Mia: I think this pose describes us very well...
Marie Grace, who is confident, headstrong and brave...

Kirsten, who is loyal, shy and sweet...
Felicity, who is wise and courageous...
Me, who is spunky and the family jokester...
Saige, who is dramatic and funny...
And Rebecca, who makes peace and is kindhearted.

Felicity: After taking closeups of each family member the group shot still wasn't what we hoped for, so, we changed locations again-

Saige: This was so fun, I love being a rebel, standing on a chair is one of those things rebels do, don't they?
Rebecca: Yes!! No flyaway's, seriously, this morning I had a bad hair day.Thank goodness for headbands. 

Marie Grace: I think I look nice, the blue shirt complements my eyes. 

Kirsten: Am I really that pale?

Rebecca:Mia is so tall! She was blocking my face almost the entire time! 

Mia: So, after moving a few times we finally settled on this pose.

Mia: Ah, the many shades of our hair...
Rebecca: I'm the only one looking at the camera!!
Felicity: And then we had to shuffle around again...

Saige: Until we finally settled on this pose...

Rebecca: And you still cannot see my face!
So, you see, taking a group picture is not what it turns out to be. The whole thing is really a process and after uploading them to your computer you have to pick the one that looks the best. Of course at least one person has an opinion on the picture you pick ;) I feel it has been so long since a photo story, I really want to keep developing each dolls personality more, hopefully once the doll house is semi finished as to when I can move all of their clothes and furniture into it then I will be able to :)  

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  1. I loved the family photos! ^_^
    ~Leah <3

    1. Thank you! Definitely something different :)

  2. Cool post! It was fun reading about how everybody felt about the pictures!:) I've done family photos once for Christmas, and it was really fun!:D

    1. Thank you Emma! I really enjoyed creating their reactions and posing them :)

  3. Aww! I love all of these! The dollies look great together. :)

    ~ Mint

    1. Thanks! I know, it's so hard to pick just one!

  4. The girls all look wonderful! :) Ah, family photos are just like that with us as well. :D

    1. Thank you Ginny and June! Very true :)

  5. I loved this post! It's a great idea to have to dolls speak, as it develops their character more.


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