Friday, May 29, 2015

Everything AG 10 Followers Challenge 2

That was a really long title, oops ;) The second challenge was ... "What do you love about the AG community?" For my entry, since i'm not that gifted in writing I used a picture.  To answer the question my favorite thing about the american girl community would be the support and friendship, especially in the blogging community. Just like in the picture the AG community always has your back. 

Thanks for looking!, 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Everything AG 10 Followers Challenge 1

Ah, I was planning on posting this earlier but with getting ready for vacation, leaving and arriving this totally slipped from my mind until now. Luckily just before I left I was able to get a few pictures of Caroline that I used for my entry. The rest of the pictures will most likely be posted tomorrow :)
The challenge theme was what inspires you. I chose to submit a picture for my entry. So, my inspiration mainly comes from Pinterest ;), but the talented AG bloggers in this community also inspire me! The picture represents inspiration taken from nature (that is present in almost all photos I take) as well as the dolls that helped inspire me to create a blog and try and develop skills in photography as well as sewing.        
Thanks for looking!, 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Meet Caroline

Hi! So by the title you might have guessed Caroline joined the family! Yep, with the recent archival announcement I realized that if I really wanted to get Caroline that I should get her soon and so with the money that I was going to use to buy Grace I bought her instead. Caroline has been on my wish list for a long time and I thought sometime in a year or so I would plan on getting her. I always liked looking at Caroline at the AG store and agreed that she was very pretty although not very unique or special. Wow, was I wrong :)  

It was actually very fun how we ended up with this Caroline as I looked at 4 or 5 dolls and could not find one that I bonded with and instead of having my mom awkwardly stand there I asked her to pick out one that she liked and behold, she picked out the perfect one :) I think she was excited ;) I read her books already and I really like her character! The regency time period will be awesome to research and, especially, sew for :) I cannot wait to get started on creating her own tailored collection. I'm not fond of the outfits American Girl made her because most of them I think do not suit her eye and hair color combination. Right out of the hairnet she already has flyaway's so I am hesitant to do anything to her hair or take her out on trips as her curls are very easy to mess up. She will be sharing a room with Felicity as she is the only one closest to her era.  Yay!! I already dressed her up in modern outfits and she suits them all!  
Thanks for looking, 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sewing Sunday

Hi! Like the picture? I decided since Review Tuesday had one I would create one for Sewing Sunday. Mainly just an excuse to play around with Picmonkey. I love the site! This weeks creation is something I have been working on for a long time. This was actually a custom order to create a wardrobe for a toddler Disney Elsa and Anna doll for a very special birthday girl :) For the fabric and trim I used a mix of fabric that was currently in my stash and fabric from Joann's that I bought specifically for this project. So, in total I made 2 coats/jackets 2 t shirts 1 pair of pants 1 pair of shorts 3 dresses and 2 skirts. So this was one of the reasons posts on here were very sporadic. Luckily I was able to scale down a few Liberty Jane patterns that turned out to be just the right size. 

So yeah, this was a fun and challenging project, especially because of the even tinier seam allowances. Their was going to be three shirts but unfortunately the fabric I was going to use (knit fabric from an up-cylced t shirt) but I failed two times. If any of you have any tips on sewing with knits it would be greatly appreciated :) So are you working on any projects?  My next one will either be a child sized dress or a few basic items like shorts and shirts for my dolls and my Etsy store.  
Thanks for looking!, 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

When all else fails...

Try the couch! Yeah,  last week it was raining and I really wanted to take pictures and could not find a space that had great lighting ,but, just for fun, I tried taking pictures right by the couch. It actually turned out better than I thought it would and the color of the couch makes the red flowers in the dress stand out. 

Marie Graces hair is the perfect length and style and I love playing with her hair! This particular hairstyle is one I came up with as I was dressing her to take pictures. The hair that was originally in braids is very kinky and looks terrible if you leave it down, so with that section of hair on both sides I did a fishtail and then with the remaining hair I coiled into a bun and wrapped the fishtail braids around it. Her pin curls were very unruly after this and I am so surprised at how easy they were to fix with just a little water and a pencil to wrap the curl around. In other words I recently tightened Lindsey's limbs! I was so nervous about taking her head and stuffing out but adding hair ties to the arms and legs was the easiest part, now Lindsey has the tightest limbs out of all my dolls! Watching YouTube tutorials on how to tighten limbs was very helpful while completing this project.  
Thanks for looking!,