The Story

So, I wanted to create this page explaining how I got into American  Girl.. 
One day while visiting my Grandma she showed me an AG catalog, I was captivated by what I saw, I couldn't believe it! A whole world of dolls. As I poured through the catalog I came across Mia Girl of the Year 2008, I loved her, particularly for her red hair and freckles, her collection was so cool too, even a bed with a desk and a closet! I loved it, soon after I wanted one, well the problem is, I was introduced sometime in the spring and no major Holiday's were coming up to get her as a gift and to save up the money by myself was a little too much. Even though I didn't know if I was going to get her I decided to make outfits out of paper from her collection, I even made an outfit to match for me out of paper. My dance recital was coming up and I usually get really nervous, at that time,  my mom told me that Mia might come see me and I was so excited! After my recital my Grandma came up to me and said I have something for you, I opened it up and it was Mia along with her starter collection! I was so happy, it was one of the greatest moments ever, she was amazing. Later I tried on my paper clothes, it turned out they were too big.. As time went on I discovered two girls on my street liked American Girl dolls too, one even had about 7 of them! We would get together and make bedroom's  for them, hold fashion shows as well as go on adventures. Well , during that summer my grandma planned a getaway to Chicago, just me, my mom and grandma. It was so cool going and the hotel we stayed with even gave me a bed for my doll and bathrobe! The next day we went to the Chicago AG store and I went to the cafe for lunch, which was an experience in itself, took a photo of me and my doll at the photo boutique and watched a play about the historical's. Along the way we picked up an AG doll for my cousin and I picked out some outfits for Mia, including her green skating outfit as well as Elizabeth's summer outfit, to name a few. I also got a purple sweatshirt to match my doll. As we went to the historical section I remember seeing Kits tree house (which is amazing!) and I loved Felicity's display. We also went to the Hershey Chocolate Factory and a mall, which were fun. Either that birthday or the next I desperately wanted Felicity, that birthday for my cake I got a picture of me and Mia and I received Felicity along with her accessories I was so excited and she was so pretty! Time passed on and we kept playing, my other cousin received Felicity too, which was super cool. I think we all gradually got less interested in dolls, it wasn't until my sister received  Saige for her birthday that I became interested again. Fortunately, I turned to the internet and discovered their was a whole new realm of doll play, taking pictures,blogs, instagram, stop-motions to name a few. I especially loved the free patterns. As months passed I toyed with the idea of making a blog, but, with only three doll's and barely any clothes I kept waiting, finally I decided that along with a blog I would open up an Etsy shop selling doll food, around that time I heard of the big archival and (by that time their was an AG store close to us) I went and bought Marie Grace, it was so fun to open up a doll again! Later I bought a buy it now girl of today, which is my Kirsten and kept sewing and posting on the blog. The long anticipated Beforever event drew near and we were fortunate enough to attend the private shopping event, I loved every minute of it and it was so cool to walk around enjoying all of the new things. I decided on buying Rebecca and her accessories that day. With birthday money and gifts I received a lot of her collection, which I am very thankful for.  I don't know where this will result to but for now I am so happy to have found something I can enjoy, Thanks for reading this super long post :) 
                                                              Polka Dot Bee


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