Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Thoughts on New Releases

Instead of making two short posts about the two recent releases I decided to just combine them. First up is the recent release last week for Grace.   Oh yes, and Hello! Long time no see ;)
Grace's Sightseeing Outfit $30
image credit American Girl 
I was really excited to see this on the book cover and it looks exactly like it. This outfit is going on my wishlist. I really like the sandals as we only have bright pink flip flops here ;) And the polka dot skirt!  
Grace's Sightseeing Accessories $28
image credit American Girl 
I don't see much mix and match potential of the red shrug with Grace's outfits besides the sightseeing outfit. This would be easy to crochet. I like the sunglasses but on the doll they look off . The boots are nice.   
Grace's Sweet Hairstyles Set $22
image credit American Girl 
I really like the set, some pieces, like the black plastic headband and bright pink bobby pins/ponytail holders, are not as exciting. I love that the black and white bow can go with almost everything Grace owns and the hair bow is great because I can never get a nice bow out of the dolls hair. This can look very weird, which is noticeable in a few of the store and stock pictures but I think it would look amazing with her hair pulled back. Is it weird that I am the most excited about the brown and black ponytail holders? Sometimes you just want the hair elastic to match the dolls hair.    

That concludes what Grace received besides girl sized clothing and accessories, which I find funny because in this release more girl sized items were released than dolls sized items. The French Dessert Set only available in stores looks really awesome and is great for those who do not want to buy the bakery. The activity Baking With Grace kit looks really cute for a DIY bakery, too.   
Now onto the Beforever Releases (The ones I am most excited about!)   
Julie's Zigzag Pajamas $24
image credit American Girl  
The prices of the pajamas are the same, which is nice :) Julie's pajamas remind me of a girl and doll sized matching pj's set I saw once but I like the matching girl sized ones better than Julies :)  
Julie's Bed and Bedding $125
image credit American Girl  
I personally prefer Julies old bed and bedding to this new one, were the posts always like this?   (Slightly angled)
Julie's Daisy Vanity Set $60
image credit American Girl 
For being all plastic $60 does seem like a high price, and for the few accessories that come with it. When you compare it to Julie's Dance set ($64) it does look tempting ;) The brush is all plastic and you don't expect little girls to brush their dolls hair with it? The owl alarm clock is cute.   
Rebecca's Satin Pajamas $24
image credit American Girl 
I am now so glad I own Rebecca's pajamas, nightgown and slippers. No more purple, please American Girl. Rebecca looks amazing in other colors, too! If the pajamas were the dark purple with white accents I think it would look a lot better.  
Rebecca's Bed and Bedding $125
image credit American Girl        
The reason I did not buy the bed when it went on sale, multiple times, was because         
 the light pink bed frame was not my favorite and clashed with the gold medallions so I was so excited to see it revamped into white . I love the purple embroidery accents on the pillow.
Rebecca's Bedroom Accessories $48
image credit American Girl 
Yes! Yes! Yes! Where to start? The Russian nesting dolls I love, everything here is mentioned in her story which is awesome! The item I am most excited about? The crochet hook and doily :) I love the mini Rebecca of Sunny brook farm and the little purse is so cute. I love the mini dominoes! This is the must (must) have of any Rebecca fan out there :)  
Kit's One-Piece Pajamas $24 
image credit American Girl 
The thing I like about Kit's collection is she is not stuck with one color, she gets many different colors, unlike Rebecca and Addy. I love this pajama set compared to her other one because it specifically mentions Kit does not like the color pink, and bows which is what the night gown included. I like the print and if any doll could pull off the onesie look it would be Kit. The drop seat on the back is, um, interesting? I guess historically accurate ;)  
Kit's Bed and Bedding $95
image credit American Girl 
The colors can be overwhelming but I love the updated version. The quilt is something amazing as is the pillow and I could definitely  use this as a modern bed :)  
Kit's Radio Set $42
image credit American Girl 
The set seems like a rehashed version of similar items but I am glad they brought them back :) I love the Robin Hood book and the radio is a very neat piece.
Addy's Nightgown $24

image credit American Girl 
This is by far my favorite pajama set in this release, the real embroidery and trim is so pretty and makes me want Addy even more. I love the hair bows and the knit slippers are very adorable.
Addy's Bed and Bedding $85 
image credit American Girl 
I love that the bed is still wooden, the fly speckled finish adds a nice touch. I am so glad they kept her quilt with minimal changes to it.   
Addy's Bedroom Accessories $42
image credit American Girl 
I love the Ida Bean doll and the mother goose in hieroglyphics looks interesting, I want to see it up close.   
Josefina's Nightgown $24
image credit American Girl 
I love that American Girl is updating Josefina's collection which needs it. I love the golden ribbon it looks lovely against her black hair.  The slippers have "traditional Southwestern embroidery" which I find interesting as the design is very similar to Caroline's holiday gown.   
Josefina's Bed and Bedding $85
image credit American Girl  
I love the updated colors of Josefina's new bed and I think this would also look amazing with Saige's collection. I might just have to get this bed for Saige :)  
The post turned out longer than I expected so a post on the Truly Me Release and my thoughts will be posted sometime this week.  
Thanks for looking!, 

Monday, June 22, 2015

1 Year Blogaversary!

 This post has been sitting in my drafts for actually almost a month! I kept pushing it off saying I haven't had time to finish and edit it but I finally finish :) I am honestly so happy I have made it this far. I had this speech planned out in my head but I don't know if it will translate well into words, here we go... 

  When I started this blog I was hesitant to think about dolls and blogs in general as a long term thing because up until then my interests have varied and every  few months or so I would move onto some other crafty interest. At the time I had two dolls, Mia Felicity and my sisters doll Saige. My sister received Saige for her birthday in December, just a few days after Christmas. It was then that I was interested in dolls and while on Youtube I stumbled upon this video. I loved everything about the dolls house and drew out a dollhouse. One thing you probably did not know about me is that I love interior design and if their is a chance to design a room, even if it is AG sized I will jump on it. At that time I also stumbled on Camp Doll Diaries and 100 days of dolls. I decided that I would, for 100 days play dolls with my sister.Around that time I also saved up money for a doll. It ended somewhere around May, and for a treat I purchased Marie Grace (who was retiring) for me and my sister to share. Marie-Grace was my model for the Etsy shop I opened along with my blog.  
 For those of you who have blogs you may know how awkward it was those first few posts. Since then I have added Kirsten in July (It was so exciting, I actually was screaming when I opened her up(It was a long wait to get her!)) The first photo story I ever posted was Registering for Camp Doll Diaries, it's so funny to look back and see how much I have improved. I miss that doll space *sniff* *sniff*  
 Since then I upgraded to my family's Nikon camera, now the sole photographer and I have learned so much about it! Remember Sewing Sunday, Thrifty Find Friday and the long forgotten Dollar Store Wednesday? Ah, good times (By the way, I have an exciting find to share with you!) I was there to participate in the mounting excitement of Beforever (When I added Rebecca) and received an AG bed for Christmas. 
  Something even more exciting was the gain of followers and comments on my blog! It was really special to read and respond to the other bloggers in this community and to be nominated for awards. The dollhouse really happened and is slowly coming together. Lindsey and Caroline left the wish list to become a reality (this makes 8 dolls!!) I still can't believe I have 8... It's kind of scary!! (But in a good way)
 When I first started I was very scared of taking dolls out in public to take pictures and now it isn't as bad knowing the number of you also are brave enough, too! I want to thank all of you who have followed and commented on this blog, it is sad to see so many of you leave your blogs or stop posting but I wish you all the best of luck. I love when I log on to my computer and see comments that need to be posted and the wonderful messages :) I also want to thank my family, for supporting me and even stopping by the side of the road to pick up a doll bunk bed. At first they thought it was a waste of my money and I think some of them still do ;) but they realized that this is what I love to do and I have grown so much!  
I can't thank all of you enough, without starting to collect American Girl I probably would not have found sewing and photography something that I enjoy and to share it with all of you!!  
Thanks for being the best followers and fellow bloggers,  
  P.S I will sometime time soon have a giveaway celebrating one year! I just don't know when ^-^ 
Also this makes 138 posts! More or less, some might be drafts.. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

World Doll Day Tag

I was tagged by Watermelon from Everything AG and Green Tomato Doll Studios!  Thank you! I felt like completing this tag because I get to share my favorite dolls and that's always fun :)  

1. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year.

2.List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist.

3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing! 
I actually ended up buying exactly three dolls last year so this question is perfect!     
The first doll was Marie Grace- 

The next doll was Kirsten!- 

And finally, Rebecca-  
Instead of using stock photos from AG I decided I would just find a picture that I really liked of them.  
Next question! 
This one was hard... here are the dolls I ended up choosing as my top three! 
First on the wishlist would have to be Grace Thomas- 
image credit American Girl 
The next doll I would buy would be TM #58- 

image credit American Girl  
It was so hard choosing the third one but I ended picking out Addy Walker!! - 
Image Credit American Girl  
I love the Beforever or the Pleasant Company version but I prefer the feathered eyebrows! 
So instead of tagging 5 bloggers I nominate all of you! I would love if you could answer in the comments section what your 3 favorite dolls from last year and three dolls on your wishlist!   
In other news I will hopefully be posting a Thrifty Find Friday post or vacation haul post. I will be going to the Grace movie premier tomorrow! One of the dolls, since AG is offering free ear piercing until June 30 will get their ears pierced and hopefully I will be able to take picture of the new releases and goody bag! So look out for that in the near future :) I'm excited! 
Thanks for looking!, 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Picnic

 Hi! This was going to be my AGPC entry until I realized that it was too late, I didn't think the entries were due on Monday as I thought I had until Wednesday to post my entry. Since the theme was summer I set up a summer picnic. With a scrap of fabric I made a picnic blanket and printed out watermelon bunting. The location I chose somehow got wet... and ended up being muddy. So I opted for a location not far and would be easier to hang up the bunting. This was probably the most frustrating photo shoot I have ever taken ;) The problem was the ants and bugs that were invading the space and the wind either making the bunting come loose or flap up. After brushing off the ants and dirt I went inside and had to clean all of the dolls legs and feet, which was not fun. (And I got the dirt on a white tablecloth...oops)
"Mumbling, Rebecca how about I take this side and you take the other side?" 

"I think we should move it this way Lindsey, we don't want it near the fire." 

"A little to your left Rebecca!, don't step on my feet!" 

"Hey guys, do we have enough plates for all three of us?" 
Rebecca and Lindsey turned toward Mia, nodding while slowly backing up. 

"How high do we want this bunting?" Mia asked, careful to not tangle it. 

"I think we should hang it from the metal screws, just above the tallest person here, and, away from the fire." Rebecca replied.

 "How am I going to get this up there? I'm too short." Mia sighed, Rebecca and Lindsey were still arguing about where to put the picnic blanket

"Hey!! That looks great, can we eat now?" 

Once they finally started the fire they passed out the plates. Only to realize...

"Mia!" Lindsey called "You have an ant on you!" Mia scrambled swatting at imaginary ants and shooting a glare at Lindsey. Rebecca just grinned, Lindsey was brand new and didn't know that you do not pull pranks on the official prankster. 

As the watermelon bunting was caught in the breeze they all managed small talk about the weather and complaining about how humid it was. 

"Err, Rebecca?" You do know the fire is very close to your leg.." Lindsey said, trying to be helpful. 

"I know, I'll move it in a second, Mia would you please get your plate?" 

"Later as the sun sets we will roast s'mores but for now we will try roasting hot dogs. "

(This picture is just extra but look at how cute Rebecca is!)

"Do you want mustard or ketchup Mia?" Lindsey said, trying to break up the tension. 

"Eh I'll just take ketchup." Mia replied with a warm smile, "I'm not much of a mustard fan." 

"Me either" Lindsey said as Rebecca handed Mia the plate. 

"While we wait for the fire to burn down would you go grab the hot dog buns, Mia?" 


I love how I did Rebecca's hair!, I waterfall braided both sides and tied the hair up into two low ponytails. I was not planning on making this into a photo story but did not want to post another photo shoot of the dolls. I thought it would be more entertaining from their point of view :)  I just realized that I still haven't introduced Lindsey to the group yet, for this story she starts off being their friend (well, not everybody's) and will eventually join once Grace comes :) Most likely Caroline will be introduced before, which I sort of have planned!  
Thanks for looking!, 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Thoughts On Truly Me Release (Late)

The day that Truly Me launched I was starting my vacation so, this post was planned for a long time and has never been posted. The reason I didn't post anything yesterday as I borrowed The Heir by Kiera Cass from a friend and stayed up late reading it! It was a great book and I really want to read the next book, which will be coming out sometime in 2016. The wait is going to be long... Overall the Truly Me Release was a great surprise. Personally the name Truly Me is much easier and quicker to say than My American Girl and I love the abbreviation of just two letters: TM. Their were rumors of new dolls coming out, which, to me, is the most exciting thing about a release.Plus the in-store exclusives are awesome! I was so happy with the diversity added to the lines and I am very excited to share my thoughts on this release.  
First up is the new dolls-  
image credit American Girl
Truly Me Doll #62 $115 I love this doll! I think the hair/eye color combination is spot on. Amber eyes are really unique and I love that she has the Sonali face mold. I think it's so weird to call her #62 as I thought #61 would be the last one for a while.  
image credit American Girl
Truly Me Doll #63 $115 I don't know what to say about this doll, she is cute but including her their are 5 blonde blue eyed dolls in the Truly Me lineup. Really? I honestly wish they would have at least added her with brown eyes, I think a brown eyed #53 would be the cutest!  
image credit American Girl
Truly Me Doll #64 $115 She is amazing, I am adding her to my doll wishlist. I think she has such a sweet expression and I really want to add a Jess mold to my collection.  
The Truly Me meet outfit I think is an improvement from the other choices, should we compare? Doll Diaries did a great Throwback Thursday showcasing most of the outfits, my favorite would have to be 2002 Go Anywhere, it looks stylish and put together with mix and match possibilities.  The new one is not elaborate at all, only featuring a dress, shoes and underwear. To me, the meet outfit kind of looks alien or space inspired.  Is it just me or is it interesting that #62 and #64 look similar to Cecile and Ivy? These could be their look alike replacements.
Onto the clothing! 
image credit American Girl
Love To Layer $28 Now I know why the meet outfit is so simple, it encourages you to buy the love to layer ;) The "badges" on the moto style vest (which I think is cute! Love the dark blue) look similar to grin pins that American girl used to sell. I think the outfit does look a lot better with the love to layer items and I like that for $28 it does include somewhat more than, lets say, the pretty pink tutu set. The headband, hair clips and hair bands are a great addition to start styling the dolls hair!   
image credit American Girl
Shimmer Doodle Outfit $28 I like the price although if a lower price means less items included it's not that great. I would buy it just because #64 looks so cute in it! I think it is an interesting outfit to release during summer because the long sleeve t-shirt and boots look more like fall to me. I do like the color palette and the graphic design does look nice, the slouchy boots are cute.  
image credit American Girl
Flamingo Beach Dress $28 I don't usually like halter tops on AG just because it looks awkward but I like this outfit anyway, I think the bracelet is a great addition even though it is plastic and the sandals are very cute! I think this will be a hit and looks much more on trend to what 8 year olds would be wearing. I would buy this but I want to see it in person first ;) 
image credit American Girl
Beach Blanket Set $28 I like that American Girl is adding an affordable doll food option to this release and for $24 it's a good deal. The beach blanket does not look that large to fit a doll on but I like the design. I really want to try making a turkey sandwich out of polymer clay now!  
image Credit American Girl
Beach Hammock Set $58 The hammock does have a large price tag especially with the very small amount of accessories it includes. The hammock looks really easy to recreate and would be a fun challenge to take on! The AG magazine,visor and pillow would be simple to make too.  A review on the American Girl website says that the doll is longer than the hammock, toughing the ends of the stand although I think the doll is mainly supposed to be sitting upright on the hammock from the store display. 

image credit American Girl
Seaside Fun outfit $30 The price is interesting, for three items which is what the rest of the outfits in this release are for the price of $28 I would wait for this to go on sale if I consider buying it. I really like the hoodie although it reminds me of the bright stripes  outfit but better :) I wish the shorts were just plain white as the design does not continue on the back, I do love that they are cut offs though! I really like the shoes and the jewels are a really nice touch. This outfit might be gone at the end of the summer just like the Sunny Isle outfit which I did not buy before it was too late (And by the way the price was $28 for 4 items)  
Besides a few activity kits and books which I really like the Doll Art Studio and Dining this was a smaller release. Hopefully sometime soon they will add more things :)  Have you seen the new in store exclusive?! The prices were marked down and the swim shirt and shorts for $10 is a great deal! I may just have to buy it :) The Sailboard Set for $48 is a great and unique addition to any doll collection, I love the life vest! Credit to Lissie and Lilly for the update on the marked down prices. I also really like the addition of the  Design Studio. Sorry for the really long worded post, I really like writing what I think about the new releases.  
Thanks for looking!, 

I used the header of my blog in pic monkey to make what I think looks like a better sign off :)