Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Picnic

 Hi! This was going to be my AGPC entry until I realized that it was too late, I didn't think the entries were due on Monday as I thought I had until Wednesday to post my entry. Since the theme was summer I set up a summer picnic. With a scrap of fabric I made a picnic blanket and printed out watermelon bunting. The location I chose somehow got wet... and ended up being muddy. So I opted for a location not far and would be easier to hang up the bunting. This was probably the most frustrating photo shoot I have ever taken ;) The problem was the ants and bugs that were invading the space and the wind either making the bunting come loose or flap up. After brushing off the ants and dirt I went inside and had to clean all of the dolls legs and feet, which was not fun. (And I got the dirt on a white tablecloth...oops)
"Mumbling, Rebecca how about I take this side and you take the other side?" 

"I think we should move it this way Lindsey, we don't want it near the fire." 

"A little to your left Rebecca!, don't step on my feet!" 

"Hey guys, do we have enough plates for all three of us?" 
Rebecca and Lindsey turned toward Mia, nodding while slowly backing up. 

"How high do we want this bunting?" Mia asked, careful to not tangle it. 

"I think we should hang it from the metal screws, just above the tallest person here, and, away from the fire." Rebecca replied.

 "How am I going to get this up there? I'm too short." Mia sighed, Rebecca and Lindsey were still arguing about where to put the picnic blanket

"Hey!! That looks great, can we eat now?" 

Once they finally started the fire they passed out the plates. Only to realize...

"Mia!" Lindsey called "You have an ant on you!" Mia scrambled swatting at imaginary ants and shooting a glare at Lindsey. Rebecca just grinned, Lindsey was brand new and didn't know that you do not pull pranks on the official prankster. 

As the watermelon bunting was caught in the breeze they all managed small talk about the weather and complaining about how humid it was. 

"Err, Rebecca?" You do know the fire is very close to your leg.." Lindsey said, trying to be helpful. 

"I know, I'll move it in a second, Mia would you please get your plate?" 

"Later as the sun sets we will roast s'mores but for now we will try roasting hot dogs. "

(This picture is just extra but look at how cute Rebecca is!)

"Do you want mustard or ketchup Mia?" Lindsey said, trying to break up the tension. 

"Eh I'll just take ketchup." Mia replied with a warm smile, "I'm not much of a mustard fan." 

"Me either" Lindsey said as Rebecca handed Mia the plate. 

"While we wait for the fire to burn down would you go grab the hot dog buns, Mia?" 


I love how I did Rebecca's hair!, I waterfall braided both sides and tied the hair up into two low ponytails. I was not planning on making this into a photo story but did not want to post another photo shoot of the dolls. I thought it would be more entertaining from their point of view :)  I just realized that I still haven't introduced Lindsey to the group yet, for this story she starts off being their friend (well, not everybody's) and will eventually join once Grace comes :) Most likely Caroline will be introduced before, which I sort of have planned!  
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. Ooh it looks like your dolls had fun. :) Rebecca looks adorable!


    1. Thanks! Doesn't she? I never thought pigtails would look good on her :)

  2. So cute! I love Rebecca's hair :).

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you! I think her curls just make the pigtails even better.

  3. The photos are amazing! Believe me I understand difficult photoshoots. I feel ya!

    1. Yeah, I guess you can't be a photographer without a few difficult photoshoots :)

  4. Cute! I love the watermelon banner thing.
    I must teach myself how to waterfall braid now!

    1. Waterfall Braids are awesome! They are my new favorite braid,because I can only do french, regular and fishtail right now ;)

  5. Very cute story and beautiful photos! All of their hair looks awesome. Yeah, photo shoots can be so much more irritating then they seem. Your photos look really nice though, so you'd never be able to tell! ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it :)

  6. This is sooo cute! I love how you turned it into a photostory! All of your dolls hair is adorable, especially Rebecca's! :)

    1. Thank you Kaitlyn! I never would have thought this was going to turn into a photo story, I was just trying out different poses and angles :)


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