Meet the Dolls

Mia St. Clair-

Mia was my first doll I got back in 2008.
Mia wants to be an Olympic figure skater when she grows up.
Favorite Color- Blue
(She really likes pajama's)
Mia is GOTY 2008 

Felicity Merriman-  

Felicity is my second doll I got in 2009.
Felicity loves wearing fancy dresses but does not want to be a "lady"
Favorite Color- Green
Felicity is a historical doll that was retired in 2010

Saige Copeland- 

Saige came as a birthday present for my sister on   
Saige wants to be an artist when she grows up.
Favorite Color- Turquoise
Although Saige loves painting you will find her often dreaming about horses, Felicity and her have really bonded although they are definitely opposite personalities.
Saige is GOTY 2013  

Marie-Grace  - 

With the impending archival and celebration of 100 doll days (more on that later..) Marie Grace came home on 22nd of May, 2014.
Marie grace wishes to be a teacher when she grows up.
Favorite Color- Pink
Marie Grace is definitely the more mature girl in the family (with felicity coming in as a close second) and although she is shy she loves performing and wishes to be a singer when she grows up.
Marie Grace is a historical doll

Kirsten Larson- 

Ever since we found American Girl Kirsten has always been a favorite
Dreams came true on July 11, 2014 when she arrived at our doorstep
Favorite color- Cornflower blue, like her eyes.
Kirsten has more of a quieter personality and likes to think before she talks. She is on the younger side of the girls and rarely get's into fights.
Kirsten would love to open a shop specializing in dresses and hats typical of 1850's fashions. 
She loves all things Disney

Rebecca Rubin- 

Rebecca joined our doll family on August 28th, 2014 and has been a favorite ever since with her honey-brown curls and unique face mold. She loves to act and acting is one of her favorite pastimes, she also loves having big dinners with her family and is the fastest crocheter in the family.   

Lindsey Bergman-   

 Lindsey came home on April 18, 2015. She is still pretty new although she did tell us more about herself, here is what she says- 
I love Irish Step Dancing along with tennis. 
I am ten years old. 
 I love photography and my camera, which is an old Polaroid. 
My favorite accessories are scarves and barrettes.  
I would love to be a graphic design artist. 
My favorite Disney movie is Lilo and Stitch, I love Stitch!  

Caroline Abbott- 
I picked out Caroline on May 5th, 2015 after her archival announcement the day before. She instantly became an amazing doll to photograph and looks good in almost everything. 
Her favorite activity is embroidering but also loves to ice skate.  
Her original time period is 1812 but also time travels :) 
When she grows up she wants to become a sailor.  
She is 10 years old and her birthday is on October 22,1802.  
She came here all the way from Sackets Harbor, New York.  
She loves her cousins cow, Garnet.  
When I first saw TM#61 I thought, finally! A doll with the same hair color as me, I planned on buying her sometime soon to customize into a mini me- growing up I always wanted a doll that looked like me but never found a perfect match. In the summer Jill's Steals and Deals offered her along with two outfits, after debating and attempting to buy her that day I gave up. The next morning she was still available so I bought her! She is still in the process of customization and her name could change but for now, she's Charlotte.  

Libby Grace Thomas- 
When Grace Thomas debuted at the start of the year I knew I just had to get her! We already have a Marie Grace so I really didn't want to keep her first name, I instead changed it to Libby! I think it suits her perfectly :) I hand picked her near the end of August for an early birthday gift, she has such a cute personality!  


  1. I love Kirsten's picture! She's just gorgeous, and so are all of your other dolls! =D

    1. Thanks! Some are very well loved and it's hard to photograph them with their wild hair but I love them :)

  2. They are all so very beautiful! I love Marie Grace's photo. :D
    Leah <3

    1. Thank you! That photo was one of the first photo-shoot's I posted on this blog, I loved how it turned out.

  3. Do you mostly like red-haired dolls generally better because of their red hair? I think your doll family is great! :)


  4. Oh my gosh your dolls are gorgeous!!! I especially love Caroline's picture, and Lindsey is so cute! It's on my bucket list to find a Lindsey doll on ebay :)


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