Monday, December 29, 2014

Sewing Sunday

 It's been a while since I posted a Sewing Sunday and I hope to get into the habit of posting one each week. This week's is a 3 month baby cardigan I modified to fit American Girl dolls. The sleeves were really long and a bit wide so I took the sides in and hemmed the sleeves. I am really happy with the final result! I found this at a local thrift store, it also came with a coral dress that I hope to make something out of at some point. This was also one of my first project's on my new sewing machine! My old one was so loud and the one that I have right now is will take some time getting used to it. I can't wait to try out new patterns that I have laying around and use my stash of fabric. 

I love this picture!

I also crocheted the hat :) Thanks for looking! Only 2 more days until Grace!                        Polka Dot Bee

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Gifts

 My Christmas gifts- 
 The bouquet bed, bedding and nightstand! I am very thankful I got this, this is my first AG bed aside from a hotel package one I got from Chicago and I have to say, WOW the bed is bigger than what I expected and the bed itself was really easy to put together and is very well made. I kind of picked it out during a Jill's Steal's and Deal's so it wasn't really a surprise but I did have to wait, it was worth it though. I'm thinking this will go to my GOTY doll's Mia and Saige as I have plans to get the other historical doll's their bed's from their collections. I also "expanded" the doll space as a large ceder chest was taking up the other half to make room for the bed and rearranged the doll room and it look's really nice!From the same Jill's Steal's and Deals I was able to get the Frosty Fair Isle set, I Love Pet's Pj's and the School Day's Outfit. 

 One other gift I received that is somewhat doll related is a new sewing machine! My old one broke and I was using a borrowed one for a while but now I have my own! It is the Singer 7528 and I have already tested it out and it is great, I can't wait to learn new things and improve my sewing skills. 
                                       Polka Dot Bee 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great rest of your winter break! The reason I didn't post on Christmas was I wanted to spend time with friends and family, we were also very busy and I didn't have much time to post anyway. I can't wait to go see the debut of GOTY 2015! Blogger's have already posted what look's like most of Grace's collection and I am really excited to see the huge bakery in person!
                                   Polka Dot Bee

Monday, December 22, 2014

Doll Gift Ideas

Hi! I can't believe their are only 3 days till Christmas! In the midst of last minute shopping for family and friends I have compiled a list of dolls sized items to gift to your doll friends too. :) Most are under $10
From American Girl- 
 Doodle Earrings-$10 Any girl would love a new pair of earrings and she needs a place to put it! 
Aqua Earring Tree-$10 Saige loses her earrings quite often around here, this would be the perfect gift. 
Snowy Earmuffs-$10 A cute winter accessory that keeps ears warm is great for ice-skaters like Mia. 
From Target- 
 Mini Mints-$1 Find this doll sized gift by the checkout, perfect for busy dolls on the go! 
From Etsy store Sara Miller Designs
American Girl Sized Wand-$6 Great for dolls who love the Harry Potter series, now they can cast their own spells!  
From Pixie Faire
Frill Seekers Pattern-$5.99 For the crafty doll who loves to sew gift her a new dress pattern and some fabric! 

Merry Christmas! Over the month of December I have been gathering up presents to "gift" to the dolls and while I still need to wrap gifts here are a few suggestions to last minute shoppers. This was so fun to create and I can't wait to show you what everybody got! 
Polka Dot Bee

Friday, December 19, 2014

Decorating for Christmas Part 2

Rebecca, Marie-Grace and Mia were admiring the hard work they had done decorating the tree..

 "Hey, I have the rest of the decorations!" Saige said holding a large pile of stockings,"Would you like to pick them out?"
As she said this Kirsten and Felicity wandered over
 "Sure" Everybody said while Saige handed them out
 "I can't wait to write our lists to Santa!" Marie-Grace said, dreaming..
 "Let's hang them up across the wall." Felicity said, the girls nodding in agreement

"How is this?" Felicity asked as she fiddled with her stocking, "We want to place them an equal distance apart."

 "Better" Saige said
 Mia posed as the final stocking was hung

 Marie Grace places the final pieces to the tea set

 "It's so fun standing on this chair, I can see everything from here!" Mia cries
 Marie-Grace, always practical, "Be Careful, you might fall."
Thankfully Mia has the agility of a cat and landed on her two feet safely

 Kirsten hangs the Christmas wreath and adjusts the welcome sign 

"What do you think Marie-Grace, do you think it look's nice?"

 Marie-Grace responds, "Yeah, that look's really cute, I like that you added the silent night decoration."
 Rebecca and Saige were in charge of decorating with mini fake tree's and wreaths.

 I love this picture!
 "I think we did a good job" remarked Saige, handing Rebecca the last tree

 "It look's really nice Saige!"
What do you think?

 While Rebecca and Saige finished up the last of the decorations Marie-Grace and Kirsten were discussing other Christmas preparations
 "I really think we should double the cookie batch, who knows who might come over, and of course we will need a couple more for Santa.." Marie-Grace said
 Felicity has desperately wished to braid Mia's hair, she finally gave in after Felicity promised her some leftover Halloween candy.
 "Almost done" Felicity cheerfully said as she finished off the braid.

 This was so fun to make, Merry Christmas! 
                                 Polka Dot Bee