Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decorating for Christmas Part 1

Note: I decided to split this up into parts as their were too many pictures, I will hopefully post part 2 next week

 All the dolls were in a festive mood as they prepared for the holiday photo-shoot...

" Felicity, the fairy godmother appears in the garden!" Kirsten exclaimed

 Kirsten and Felicity loved to play with a new Disney princess set together although sometimes they couldn't remember what happened next. 

 "Mia have you seen my curling iron?"...

 "What are you doing?!"

"Decorating for Christmas of course, you're curling iron is on the fireplace" Said Mia, slightly envious of Rebecca's natural curls. "We can't have Christmas without decorating for it!" 
"It look's like one of them dropped, do you want me to get it for you?" Rebecca asked "Could I help you?, I don't have anything to do and Felicity and Kirsten are playing."  Mia was excited to have a helper to order around as she was usually the only one to decorate, "Definitely, I actually have a job for you to do, while I hang up the rest of the ornaments why don't you put the angel on top?"

 And so Rebecca, with the help of Mia precariously balanced on a box of ornaments to hang the angel. 
 "Do you think this is good?"
 "No, A little higher and to the left more." Mia responded, hoping Rebecca wouldn't fall, bringing down the tree with her. 
"Okay" She said as she moved it "How about now?" 

 "Now you can help me with the garland" Mia said, handing Rebecca the ribbon, "Just wrap it around the tree"

" Oooohhh!, you have the Christmas tree up?!, can I help?"

 "Yes, Rebecca has wrapped the top so now we don't need the box. "Here, you can do the rest."

 "It look's great." Rebecca said, "Isn't their something missing?" 
"Oh,I almost forgot.." Mia said, bending down for something, "1..2..3.."
 "Ta-Da!" Mia exclaimed as Rebecca and Marie-Grace oohed and ahhed. 

They added some final touches including poinsettias on the mantel and a nativity scene below.... 
To Be Continued
 Polka Dot Bee


  1. Very cute! I've yet to decorate the dollhouse for Christmas. This weekend I think I'll do it :0)
    I love the tree and the angel!
    - Zoë

  2. Aww! This is sooo cute! I love how they decorated the tree! Sooo pretty! :)


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