Monday, December 22, 2014

Doll Gift Ideas

Hi! I can't believe their are only 3 days till Christmas! In the midst of last minute shopping for family and friends I have compiled a list of dolls sized items to gift to your doll friends too. :) Most are under $10
From American Girl- 
 Doodle Earrings-$10 Any girl would love a new pair of earrings and she needs a place to put it! 
Aqua Earring Tree-$10 Saige loses her earrings quite often around here, this would be the perfect gift. 
Snowy Earmuffs-$10 A cute winter accessory that keeps ears warm is great for ice-skaters like Mia. 
From Target- 
 Mini Mints-$1 Find this doll sized gift by the checkout, perfect for busy dolls on the go! 
From Etsy store Sara Miller Designs
American Girl Sized Wand-$6 Great for dolls who love the Harry Potter series, now they can cast their own spells!  
From Pixie Faire
Frill Seekers Pattern-$5.99 For the crafty doll who loves to sew gift her a new dress pattern and some fabric! 

Merry Christmas! Over the month of December I have been gathering up presents to "gift" to the dolls and while I still need to wrap gifts here are a few suggestions to last minute shoppers. This was so fun to create and I can't wait to show you what everybody got! 
Polka Dot Bee


  1. These are all such great ideas! I litterly just got my dolls two things each
    (Both homemade...)...xD


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