Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Gifts

 My Christmas gifts- 
 The bouquet bed, bedding and nightstand! I am very thankful I got this, this is my first AG bed aside from a hotel package one I got from Chicago and I have to say, WOW the bed is bigger than what I expected and the bed itself was really easy to put together and is very well made. I kind of picked it out during a Jill's Steal's and Deal's so it wasn't really a surprise but I did have to wait, it was worth it though. I'm thinking this will go to my GOTY doll's Mia and Saige as I have plans to get the other historical doll's their bed's from their collections. I also "expanded" the doll space as a large ceder chest was taking up the other half to make room for the bed and rearranged the doll room and it look's really nice!From the same Jill's Steal's and Deals I was able to get the Frosty Fair Isle set, I Love Pet's Pj's and the School Day's Outfit. 

 One other gift I received that is somewhat doll related is a new sewing machine! My old one broke and I was using a borrowed one for a while but now I have my own! It is the Singer 7528 and I have already tested it out and it is great, I can't wait to learn new things and improve my sewing skills. 
                                       Polka Dot Bee 


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