Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sewing Sunday

Hi! I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and hopefully a relaxing weekend, I did! I also finished up not one, but two!, projects I've been working on. 
The first thing I made was this cute holiday dress. While trying to decide what to do with the fabric I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and found a couple of really cute sweater dresses. 

I ended up drafting my own pattern for the dress and even the cowl neck! 

I love the way it turned out, I didn't expect the cowl to be so easy but it turned out to be really simple. 

Now I just need to find a black belt to go with it!

I also finished sewing this t-shirt, fun cotton prints really make cute doll shirts!

I tested out a scoop neck t-shirt pattern from Liberty Jane and I really love the lower cut.   

I really want to take pictures in the snow but for the past few days either their isn't any snow at all or barely enough to cover the grass *sigh* so indoor pictures are becoming a staple right now ;) 
I'm catching up on reading awesome blog posts from all of you, responding to comments and planning posts.  
Anyone else excited for Cyber Monday? Hoping for some great deals :) 
Thanks for looking!, 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review Tuesday

Hi! The WiFi has finally worked steadily enough for me to finish and publish this post! Thanks for being patient when I have not :)
Mia decided to help me showcase this awesome OG set. 

The first thing I want to show is the chair, the doll can surprisingly fit easily on the chair. I say this because compared to other doll sized chairs this one is really small, I was also concerned about the height. The doll is able to sit relaxed in the chair without their legs sticking straight out. I wish the back was a bit taller but overall a lot better than trying to sit on a stool to sew ;) 
Lightweight plastic, could be a little more sturdy.  

The sewing machine! Fits perfectly in the sewing table and a great height, compared to a doll. I wish the legs were more sturdy and weighted more to keep everything from tipping over. 
The chair is just below the dolls waist, and the doll can "pull" the chair out. 

The sewing table is right at the dolls waist. 
The only thing I don't like is when you push the doll sitting in the chair under the table it can sometimes fall over. 
Just the right height!

A doll can easily hold the cute pattern!

If you put too many things on the fold out table it tips it over, I learned this after many times setting this up again and again :)

I love this angle!, it's a dutch side braid that I recently learned how to do.

This sewing box really can hold all the small accessories, and with a few rubber bands Mia can hold the whole thing pretty easily. 

The table has a white top that folds out, with extra space for cutting fabric out and holding the sewing essentials. White knobs with a non-working drawer also decorate this table. 

The ruler, easily held by a doll and a great scale!

Chalk pencil, this one was harder for the doll to hold but is possible. 
I really love the tape measure, it even looks great around a dolls neck. 

Although a doll can't wear it around the wrist without possibly breaking it Mia can still hold it with her fingers!

This is such a cute and realistic length, perfect sewing piece! 

While this isn't my favorite piece in this set it is very accurate but flimsy. 
The thimble can fit on the thumb!

And both of her other fingers! 

I mean, the ones that are not stuck together ;) 
After discovering that it does, in fact, fit on the dolls hand I really like the thimble! Maybe the dolls will find a better use for it than my thimble. 

I still can't get over how realistic and non-plastic the spools of thread are! 


I'm really happy that the buttons are doll sized and look great with the rest of the set, I wish they had all 8 so there were at least two of each color and look less random concerning colors. 

I can't wait to add to the doll's fabric stash and diminish my own scrap pile by making a few of these. 

I think the bolt of fabric looks great held by Mia, isn't she just the cutest model? ;)

I almost forgot the doll dress form! Easily the centerpiece of this set. 
The stand has great details and is really sturdy. 

I just love the color scheme, simple to make the clothes modeled on it stand out, but cute by itself!

Top :) 
Great height compared to dolls,too. 

The saying, using Google Translate, means beautiful Paris fashion in English. Interesting :)
A height comparison of the dress form and doll. 


I couldn't resist showing off Saige's meet dress on the dress form, fits great! 

Only after I thought I was finished did I realize I forgot to review the scissors! Oops :) Well after figuring out how to get Mia to hold them correctly they fit great.   

This is the most realistic doll sized pair of scissors I've seen!

Of course you need scissors to cut the fabric!

I am super happy with this set, not only does it cover the most basic sewing supplies the quality and detailed extra pieces like the dress form and bolt of fabric really give the perfect finishing touch. So glad I didn't buy Isabelle's overpriced sewing studio and found this one! 
Thanks for looking,  
p.s. I found a great location for indoor photography, can  anybody else notice how great these photos turned out? I really love it! Finally success at indoor photography :)

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hi. For the last few days the WiFi was awful, I actually had a few posts planned and ready to be uploaded/published...until the Internet decided to stop working. This week I was working on indoor photography for a few posts and I was super duper happy with how they came out! Which was why,on Tuesday, I started working on uploading and writing I was so bummed that it wouldn't work at all. I debated posting the review on Thursday and struggled to get my post for Wednesday up but it still wasn't working. So yeah, that was my unplanned break from the Internet. 
I just wanted to share this picture with you! So excited to post this weeks Review Tuesday and my finally successful attempt at indoor photography :) 
Thanks for looking!,