Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review Tuesday

This Review Tuesday features the "Office Girl" from last week, in action! Let's see if this set leaves a good impression..

Trying to find an outfit that looks good with this was hard.. until I found this dress! While it definitely isn't retro the dress goes surprisingly well with the whole set!

Great purse, the handle can be annoying although at least she can hold it really easily. 

The glasses were annoying, I eventually gave up trying to take pictures with them. Sorry!, I just really don't like the glare :(

They look great from this perspective. I have yet to try taking the lenses out but I think that would fix the problem.

They even look great on her head! 

Not sure about the neck bow, I prefer bows on heads better ;)

Not that bad!

I really like the pen, kind of hard for the doll to hold without assistance but still possible!

Very cute on the head!
The notebook was the most frustrating part, a doll can't hold it without an elastic but you can tuck it under her arm. 
I have to say, this does go really well together, with the help of the dress of course ;)
Almost everything together, the glasses did not want to stay!
Overall the set is great, and pleasantly surprised me with how nice it looks with a doll. 
The purse looks better this way, more natural. 
Only after I finished with this post did I realize that Charlotte is taking over Review Tuesday...and the blog! Oops >.<
Thanks for looking!,
For such awesome followers, an extra picture!

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