Friday, November 28, 2014

AGPC Final Challenge

Hi! This is my entry for the final challenge! I can't believe I have made it this far!, thank you for this fun challenge and for the chance to improve my photography :) The theme is "Winter Fun" and since I entered Kirsten I knew I wanted to incorporate her story into the photo.  

 This is the photo I would like to enter, Thank you!

 I modeled the food after her Holiday Treats set, I think it turned out really cute!

 This is one of my favorites :)

 I had a hard time choosing pictures, their were so many I liked! Thanks for looking and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! 
                                                                                 Polka Dot Bee

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hi! Remember how I promised I would post a hair tutorial in my latest post? I kind of got sidetracked and my model for the hairstyle was in the middle of a downy dunk (it turned out pretty well, I think I may try a ceramic hair straightener) and now that it turns dark very early I am still working out a time when I can take pictures. Also I have been very busy sewing and now with a more permanent area for my sewing I can sew more often. I am in the middle of a project and today I finished a side outfit that I will hopefully post around Thanksgiving.  Sorry for the excuses, thank's for all of your comments! Oh and I have another award post to do :) 
Polka Dot Bee

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Even MORE awards.. :)

Hi! I was nominated for two awards so I will just get into the questions.. 
 I was nominated for the LG award by AG chick,  thank you for nominating me :) !  

No tag backs
*You must give credit to the person who nominated you
*Answer eight questions given to the person who nominated you, then give eight more questions for your nominees.
*Nominate eight people
*Put the award on your sidebar, or on a special page for your awards!

1.What is your favorite color? Right now it is a tie between mint green and turquoise
2. Do you like to sleep on your back, stomach, or your side? Side or stomach, I don't really like sleeping on my back unless I am sick
3. Who is your favorite famous person? Hmm... Audrey Hepburn?
4. Do you have a pet?No, I used to have fish :(
5. Do you like shorts or jeans best? I love jeans!
6. Do you have your own bedroom? Yes
7. What color is your hair? Red
8. Which hand do you use? (Right, left.) I'm a lefty:) 
1. What font do you use? 
2.  Favorite book?
3. Favorite movie?
4. What season do you like the most?
5. Favorite app?
6. Best dessert you have ever had?
7. Favorite restaurant?
8. Favorite shoes? 
I know these are random but I couldn't think of any :) Now onto the next award!  

I was nominated for the STAHP your too sweet award by Picture Perfect AG and AG in the Shire I feel like I am missing someone.. 
Oh, well Thank you for nominating me! This award is so cute! 
1.Nominate someone who you believe is uber sweet,who is always leaving nice comments,or is just a great,kind blogger friend of yours.
2.Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you asked, and then come up with at least 5 new, original questions for your nominees to answer.
3.Be sure to leave a comment on the nominees blog,letting them know that they've been nominated. Leave a link to the post so you can easily find it.
4.You must nominate at least 10 people. Tag backs are allowed,as is nominating people more than once.
5.Copy and paste the guidelines so everyone knows what on earth is going on!
6.And finally, have fun!! 
AG in the Shire-
 1. Do you ever get so excited that you end up acting really weird and trip over your own two feet? (*cough* or a box in the hallway)Yes, sometimes and also when I am rushing, like tonight when I stubbed my toe and scraped my finger in under a minute :) (Poor finger..)
2. Are you a dog person or cat person? Or both? Or neither?! I don't know, the only pet I have had is fish so I guess a cat?
3. Do you think I'm crazy? xD No, you have really cool ideas :)
4. What's your all-time favorite song?That's a hard one probably fireflies by Owl City :)
5. Ever played an instrument? Yes the recorder :0
6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly are you drowning in tags/awards right now? xD 10 I really want to post other things right now!
7. Have you heard of Owl City? And if not, would you please go listen to one of Adam's songs? (Just kidding about the last part... sorta. xD) Question 4...
8. Are you a person who could be persuaded to dress up in a funky costume and walk around a public place in it? Considering I have worn weird costumes while dancing in public,yes,I could be persuaded  
Picture perfect AG-                                                                                                                                                                                   
1. If you could be one animal in the world, what would you turn into?(non-permanent) A giraffe being tall would be nice 
2. Have you ever eaten sushi?No, I would like to though
3. How often do you say the word "Like" unnecessarily? I used to be bad at saying "Like" all the time (see! just did it) only occasionally
4. How often is your room ACTUALLY clean? 6/10
5. Anne of Green Gables or Guardians of the Galaxies?(Classic or Action?) Anne of Green Gables all the way!!! I love the movie
6. How often do you drop your Phone or iPod? I sometimes do, thankfully it hasn't broken yet :)
7. Snow or rain? Snow
8. Sour or sweet? Sour!
9. Do you prefer weather that is so hot you die, or weather that's so cold you freeze to death? (Pick your fate) Probably cold  
 American Girl Place  
1. Do you like reading hitsorical or furturistic books more?
 2. Where is the place you wan to go the least? 
3. Ice skating or roller skating? 
4. The zoo or a museum? 
5. How many candle's do you have in your house? 
Now on to telling the nominees! Again thanks for awarding me! I really need to add them to my sidebar :) Till Friday, 
                                 Polka Dot Bee
I think I did everything..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kirsten and the First Snow

Hi, I dressed up Kirsten in Rebecca's winter coat and Mia's skates and took her outside to take some picture's celebrating the first snow! It was really cold and I didn't want to wear gloves so then I could rake pictures easier so, yeah.  For this week on Wednesday I will post another award (thank you AG in the Shire!) and then maybe on Friday the hair tutorial I promised, Enjoy!         

 (It was so hard to balance her!)

 (Skate tracks :)
 I love this picture!

It was really fun taking pictures outside in the snow! I think Kirsten did a great job, it was really hard getting the skates on her with tights on. It's crazy to think a couple of weeks ago I was taking pictures of Mia and their were still leaves on the bushes! Thank's for looking, 
                  Polka Dot Bee

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Your Blog Makes Me Smile Award

Here are the rules: 

1. If you've been nominated, answer the questions at the bottom of the post, and nominate five to eight doll blogs and provide five to eight questions for your nominees to answer. You can make up your own questions or just use the one I made. 

2. Link back to the original post about this award on the Oh My Dollies blog 

3. Include this list of rules in your post

4. Add the Your Blog Makes Me Smile Award image (located at the top of this post) to your sidebar or your awards page 
Thank you Picture Perfect Ag for nominating me, I greatly  appreciate it :) 
1.Why did you start your blog? I started my blog because I wanted to challenge myself to learn new skills like photography/sewing/and blogging tips, I also wanted a place to share my work as well as connect with other Ag bloggers :)
2.What age did you start collecting/liking dolls? I've liked dolls since I was a baby, I discovered american girl and started collecting around age 8 or 9.
3.What is your dream doll?I have a lot of dolls I would like to get but my dream doll would probably be a custom #61 to look like me
4. Do you prefer Historical,Goty, or MAG dolls? I really like historical because not only do they tell a story you also get a history lesson that is not boring, I do like GOTY because they have unique characteristics, My AG I like how they carry unique combinations and how you can create your own character and story for them. 
5.If you could go to any AG store, what one would you go to? I think I would probably choose Chicago, I went their before and I have such fond memories of visiting I want to go back again :)   

I nominate-
1. AG Chick
2. Saige's Locket
3. Carrot and Claire
4. Girly Doll Type
5.Little Dollhouse on the Prarie  
Your questions are- 
1. Who is the person you admire the most? 
2. What was your first memory of American Girl? 
3. How many doll's do you want altogether? 
4. Do you prefer Historical or Beforever? 
5. If or when you have went to an AG store, what would the first thing you do their?  
Thank you again for nominating me.. 
 Polka Dot Bee 
(Sorry of the blog look's a bit crazy, I am editing it :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Red Leaves

Hi, hope you are all having a good Friday. I noticed that this tree (the leaves are usually purple) have changed to red and I did a photo shoot with Mia here it is..  

 I decided to put Mia back into her meet outfit (minus the shoes, I only have one) and tried to redo her original braid. It was freezing outside when I took this, I don't advise you to go outside without shoes and a mini-skirt on ;)  
                                         Thank's for looking :) 
                                                            Polka Dot Bee