Thursday, March 5, 2015

Review Tuesday

Today's review is Rebecca's School Outfit. This outfit retails for $34 and includes sweater,dress,tights,boots and a ribbon. I love this outfit as everything you can mix and match with other outfits to create a unique combination, and, it is essential to Rebecca's collection. 


 Sweater-  I love this sweater! The front closes with three working buttons and the edges are contrasted with black trim. Overall this is very well made I rate it 10/10 


Dress- The top of the dress is made out of a thin cotton, the pleated skirt is made out of a black and white herringbone fabric that is a great thickness and a perfect scale. The back closes with Velcro. 10/10

 Boots- This might be my favorite part of the outfit, these boot's can go with almost anything! The back closes with Velcro. 10/10 

 Hairbow- Great length, texture is grosgrain ribbon. 7/10

 Overall I love this outfit! The price is okay.... I give this a 8/10.  
I'm really behind on comments right now, I hope I will be able to respond soon and thank you, it means a lot what all of you say :)  
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Monday, March 2, 2015

AGPC Season One Challenge Two

Hello! Here is my entry for challenge two- Spring  

 Rebecca can't wait for spring, her favorite spring outfit consist's of a tank, overall dress, leggings and boots. She loves splashing in puddles and looking at rainbows. I wanted to create a scene at  
least outdoors but with even more snow falling it wasn't possible... and in the process I think I found my favorite spot to take pictures! I love how this photo shoot turned out :)  


Some other favorites...  
Thanks for looking! 
Polka Dot Be

Friday, February 27, 2015

Review Tuesday.. on a Friday

Hi! This week I wasn't able to post the review on Tuesday.. So I finally had a chance to post it today. Today's review is on Rebecca's Robe and Slippers that retails for $24. I love that this outfit is blue considering most of Rebecca's collection mainly consist of purple.  

I love these slippers! 

 The slippers are very cute, they are made out of thin felt. 
 The pompom's are very cute! Look! No huge AG ego tag :)

 The main part of the robe is made out of a flannel type of fabric with a satin trim and frog closures. 
 The pocket is very cute and the pattern on the fabric matches up perfectly. 
 I have never seen frog closures before, great design element. 
 Inside of the robe..
 This looks like hand stitching to me! :)
 The sash is stitched at the sides and can be tied into a bow. 
Overall this is a great addition to Rebecca's wardrobe and goes perfectly with Rebecca's Pajamas.  
Thanks for looking, 
Polka Dot Bee

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sewing Sunday

Hi! Sorry about not posting Around the Dollhouse, everything is sitting in tubs and no progress has been made on dollhouse since the last post. Today's project is one I made using this tutorial from our dolls, you might have seen this quilt in photo stories, I believe I made it before I even started this blog. It now belong's to Kirsten.. 

This was really fun to make although cutting out each block was very time consuming. I'm glad I made this as it fit's perfectly with Kirsten's bed. By the way Mia look's so cute in Kirsten's meet outfit, what do you think? The tutorial was very helpful and a great beginner project.  
Thanks for looking!, 
Polka Dot Bee

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review Tuesday

Today's Review is on the My AG Purple Peacock Pajamas. This outfit is still currently available for $24 although on Cyber Monday I was able to buy it at $12.  When I started collecting American Girl again that was one of my first outfit's to add to my wishlist, not only do I love peacocks but the color palette of the pajamas is so charming.  Overview- 

 The top features a peacock print with the American Girl tag on the front in a contrasting color. 

The top closes in back with purple Velcro, I think the top is very well made and the print is very cute. 
 The pant's are cropped which I think gives the look of too small pajama pants.. 

The pant's feature a matching American Girl tag on the side of the right leg, I don't like the cropped look but overall they are very cute and simple.   

 I think the slippers are the best part, on each is a embroidered design featuring three blue sequins, the shoes are easy to get on although the doll is hard to balance on a flat surface standing. 
Tucked inside one of the slippers is a very large American Girl tag.  Hairbands-
The hairbands are the standard AG size, if you wrap them around the hair multiple times they look bulky and out of scale. I was only able to find one... 
Overall this is still one of my favorites although Grace's Pajamas are the best. I think for $12 you can't go wrong and if they ever put them on sale again they are a great deal.  
Thanks for looking, 
Polka Dot Bee