Sunday, February 7, 2016

Maisey's OOTD

I didn't plan on this being an outfit of the day post but it fit Maisey's personality. This was my first time making the Liberty Jane baseball t-shirt pattern, and I love it! 

Flower Crown: Claire's 
Baseball T-shirt: Made by me! 
Jeans: AG 
Shoes: AG 
Maisey really does look great in everything (so far) I have tried on her! I really love how cute she looks with flowers in her hair, it suits her perfectly.   
Do you like OOTD? Should I do more?  
Thanks for looking!, 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sewing Sunday

 Hi! I feel like it's been so long since a Sewing Sunday post has appeared here, so I felt like it was time for another one. Yesterday I listed two new items in my shop, one dress and a sweater! I haven't had much time lately to sew or blog but I was able, thanks to a 3 day weekend, catch up on blog posts and spend a little time sewing. 

I absolutely love this fabric, a lightweight knit that looks great on dolls. This was so much fun to make and for some reason this looks like a dance outfit to me. 

Using upcycled materials I made this cute knit sweater, perfect for cold winter days, I love the stretch knit lace! 
So it looks like for now 1 post a week here is about all of the extra time I have. Thankfully my daily schedule is straightening out and I can balance schoolwork, the musical,dance and sewing/blogging better! Hopefully whenever I have extra time I can squeeze an extra post in now and then. 
Thanks for looking!, 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charlotte's Sweater

With a bit of Christmas money I purchased a doll sweater from urimori, who also runs a blog here. When it arrived Charlotte instantly claimed it, and you can see why below- 

I love this hairstyle!

Can I please have this sweater in my size?  
I love the materials used to create this piece such as Italian wool and, of course, the adorable faux suede in chestnut brown! Did I mention that it's super soft?  
I think I might just have caught the Etsy bug ^-^ 
Thanks for looking!, 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meet Maisey!

 Hi! Today I wanted to introduce to you one of my favorite Christmas gifts I received, Truly Me #58! Believe it or not, she is my very first doll I have ever received as a Christmas gift, the rest were birthday or I bought them :) Deciding her name only took about 5 minutes? With the help of family I decided on the name Maisey, and suddenly I figured out her personality!  
But, let me first show you her-
I decided her middle name would be Bee! It suits her and I can't wait to begin working on a "Bee" inspired bedroom for her!


Maisey loves plants (especially flowers!) and of course, bees.

Her favorite thing to do is smile.

Her favorite jewelry item is a simple strand of pearls. 

Maisey also loves finding and collecting vintage buttons. 

Her favorite colors to wear are jewel tones, and she almost never goes without a flower in her hair.

Her favorite activity is sketching and bird watching! 

Maisey was delivered by mail, and I was worried that she might have a defect but she is perfect! Her curls are so adorable and I love finger curling them, they add a lot of personality.   
She is also my very first Addy mold.
One other, kind of doll related item that I used Christmas money to buy is a 50mm Nikon lens! This was one of my first photoshoots I used the lens and I love it :)  
I'm very thankful to receive two of my most wanted items.  
Thanks for looking!, 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Awesome Find!

Hi! Just a week before Christmas I found a great deal on a few items from from the picture below?
I couldn't believe it when the seller told me this was all for just $25! 

One of the first few things is two pamphlets that were originally included with Kirsten's outfits and some hangers! I loved it when American Girl included hangers with their outfits, so any hangers are a great thing to have.  
My favorite outfit that I meant to buy before Kirsten's birthday was her birthday outfit, the outfit is missing the pinafore but i'm so happy to have the socks that come with it!, the pinafore will be easy to recreate. 

One of Kirsten's more expensive outfits on Ebay is her Swedish Dirndl outfit, that is complete and looks adorable! 

Yay! You don't know how surprised and happy that the nightgown also came with the housecoat and sockor. 

For some reason these little wool slippers are adorable, and completely necessary for cold winter nights.  

She also included the red boots from her winter outfit, which makes this Kirsten's first pair of boots and completes her Winter Skirt & Blouse!

Two pairs of ribbons for Kirsten's hair :)

This was totally unexpected and I can't get over how special the pleasant company outfits are! It felt like a Christmas present from me to me ;) 
Thanks for looking!,