Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sewing Sunday

After last weeks "interesting" sewing experience I still wanted to try the cutoff shorts pattern again and last week I ended up sewing two pairs of shorts! I used an old pair of jeans for the next one and I really like how they turned out so here is a photoshoot with Mia modeling- 

I think Mia is a Bokeh magnet...

I spent 30 minutes looking for a gold chain (and untangling necklaces!) until I settled on this necklace, the reason for the gold chain was I found a Koala charm and I thought it would be perfect for Mia! Unfortunately I could not find one that would fit so I will have to keep looking. 

Of course I could not resist taking a picture from this angle, I'm trying not to...

This may or may not be one of my most favorite pictures of Mia, ever. 

While reading other blogs I always find it interesting where they bought/made the outfit pieces a doll is wearing and I want to add this each post a doll is in, I might forget but hopefully I will get in the hang of it :) 
Mia's Outfit 
Headband- Claire's 
Necklace- Not sure ;) 
Tank Top- Saige's Sweater Outfit 
Shorts- Made by me 
Sandals- Saige's Sweater Outfit  
I think I finally found Mia's style!  
Thanks for looking, 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Thrifty Find Friday

Hi! All the doll stuff I found last week will be split up into two posts, one today and the rest next Friday. While at a local resale shop I found an assortment of doll clothes from AG and off brand, it was so hard deciding which ones to buy but I ended up with this- 
Kailey's meet dress, red dress and sweater were $3.00 and the ballet shoes and gymnast shoes were $3.00 too. Only two of the items are AG, the blue dress and the white shoes, from the most recent Gymnastics outfit.  
Kirsten volunteered to model the finds ;) 
Kailey's meet dress is so cute! To me it was definitely worth paying $3 just for the dress. 

I think the shoes/slippers would make nice socks ;)
I was surprised when I tried this dress on Kirsten, it fits her really well and I think her white blouse would look nice under it for a school outfit. 

The Halloween sweater is really cute, it is short on the doll but I think it will be great for one of the dolls Halloween outfits. 
This next item may be the most exciting find that day, I was planning on ordering ballet shoes from eBay or Amazon for #61 for $7.00 or above so it was nice to find them for $3 with another pair of shoes. I was able to get the shoes on #61 but Kirsten's feet are too big. They are so adorable! 
Favorite thrifty find?
Thanks for looking!,  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sewing Sunday

Forever? It's felt like it and thankfully while I was camping the scheduled Wednesday post did post at the right time so everything went well. I am way behind on responding back to comments but other than that the blog seems to be ok :) I was planning on posting a Thrifty Find Friday on the 24th but I was too tired ;) If any of you have followed me on Instagram you may know about one of the amazing deals that happened just this weekend!, if not you will have to wait until Friday to find out... (I love keeping you in suspense!) Anyways, onto the item I sewed last week, last Saturday I was left with some free time and so I used one of my Freebie Friday Pixie Faire patterns to make doll sized shorts because unfortunately my dolls do not have any shorts to wear. (How? Not sure...) I used the cut-offs pattern to make it. Right then I had no idea where my needles were specifically for denim fabric so instead I just used cotton fabric. Before I bore you to death here are a few pictures. 


I couldn't decide between these two pictures, which one is your favorite? 1 or 2? Sewing the shorts was an adventure I knew the pattern was going to be challenging.And of course definitely on my first try because I have never sewn actual pockets before. The pockets ended up being super easy it was the elastic waistband that gave me the trouble, the first time it accidentally got lost when I pushed it through and then when I sewed up the back of the shorts the elastic slipped and I didn't realize until I tried it on the doll. I took in a few centimeters of the fabric at the sides but at the waist the shorts are still loose. Thankfully this pattern did not leave me frustrated and I can't wait to try again :)  
Thanks for looking!, 

Monday, July 20, 2015


Hi! I will be taking a break from blogging until this Friday (I'm going to be camping! With no WiFi...) but look out for a post on Seven Bloggers and Their Dolls on Wednesday! Here is a few pictures when I tried out the reflector for the first time! Just so I don't leave this post photo-less ;) 

Thanks for looking!,