Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review Tuesday

Hi! Today's review is the elusive OG "It Seams Perfect" set. After searching high and low (literally!) for this set I finally found it :) This may be the most recent highly sought after OG item and can I just say how frustrating finding this is? You really have to have a lot of patience, or luck!, for this set to be found. Luckily I didn't give up! This review will probably be broken up into 3 parts: accessories, furniture, and comparing it with a doll.  
This post will be featuring the lovely accessories that came along with the main pieces. 
One of the first items this set comes with is an actual doll sewing pattern. Can we take a moment to give a round of applause to OG for this genius idea? Now every aspiring sewer can sew a simple doll dress!

It's so realistic to, it even has a fake pattern number and brand :)

This adorable sewing box also comes with this set and a must have to keep from losing all the tiny pieces! Again with the cute designs, I love the graphic art on this one. 

This is made out of a pretty substantial plastic and great quality, the best thing about this is it can hold everything but the pattern (without folding it in half), the fabric, the chair, sewing machine and table! 

The adorable doll sized polka dots :)

The pattern envelope! Super cute :)

Even a little bar code!

Okay, are you ready for this? The spools of thread are actual thread on a wooden spool. Super cool. 
They call this a button hole measure tool although I call it a seam gauge. Tomato tomato ^-^

Kind of flimsy if you ask me and I wish the inch markers show up a little better but a great sewing tool. 

A doll sized ruler! My collection of doll sized school supplies is growing, now I just need a backpack ;)
The measurements are scaled down which I think is awesome! Really cute and great quality. 
Little doll sized buttons :) The content description and the online OG website states that there are supposed to be 8 buttons in this set, not 4. Really cute!

Measuring tape- I'm quite confident that this is the standard inch and centimeter so if you ever can't find your own use the dolls! I really love this, this set is so well thought out. 
My dolls are ready to sew with me!
This is a chalk pencil! Not incredibly detailed but a great contribution to this set all the same :)
The cute doll sized thimble that no one knows quite what to do with.  A piece of the thimble did tear off but you really can't tell the difference. I wish it was a little more detailed. 
I'll wait to see if it will actually fit on the dolls thumb before giving a final opinion. 
The pincushion is really realistic as the tomato/strawberry/blueberry design is very similar to the one I have and what most of you would probably find in any basic sewing kit. The painting job is great on mine. For safety reasons the pins do not come out, in case you were wondering ;) 
Not sure if this will fit on a dolls wrist! 
Denim blue fabric with doll sized white hearts, advertised to make a doll dress. The cardboard roll is super heavy duty and I love that this fabric is blue and not pink! Amazing ;)
I probably won't be making a doll dress out of this but it will be nicely displayed with the rest of the set. I might make a few more just like it!
Ah, the sewing maachine. Arguably the most useful tool when sewing! I love the fact that it's green. 

Most of the basic stitches are featured here. 
A functional wheel!
The presser foot can move up and down and the needle can also move a fraction. 
The spool of thread can't fit :(
Cute stripe and realistic!
The back of the sewing machine :)

The presser foot being lifted!
True to my word the box can hold all of the small supplies, with room.
Overall- Just these pieces alone I feel like are big competitors to Isabelle's, with the interactive detail of the pattern/fabric and the amazing and well-needed sewing supplies for any doll seamstress I feel this set is a great deal. I love this set! I couldn't ask for a better miniature sewing room to display and play with in my own sewing room ;) 
Favorite accessory?  
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. This was such a great review! I actually just found the "It Seams Perfect" set, too :D I agree--it is so great overall! :D

    1. Thanks, it's the perfect accessory for doll seamstresses :)

  2. That looks like a really cool set! It's pretty fun that they included a real pattern.


  3. I love this set, I was so thrilled when I found mine. And YES, it's a seam gauge, where in the world did they come up with button hole tool??? (shakes head!) I see you only got 4 buttons as well, looks like someone in the OG packaging department needs to go back to remedial math.

    1. Very odd description, it definitely does look like someone in OG messed up!

  4. Wow! That set is amazing! I have an older version of the set, so mine isn't nearly as good. I love how it has a real pattern! Amazing! :)

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