Saturday, May 2, 2015

AGPC Season One Challenge 4 Entry

Hi! The fourth entry theme is friends, Rebecca and Mia love exploring while talking all the way. It was so hard to choose my favorite picture to enter as I tried several different places, but, I ended up choosing this one-  
Rebecca and Mia love their secret hiding space, just enough room for both of them. Hiking in nature while talking every week is the perfect pastime for the two sisters, something they immensely enjoy.  

Instead of posting the extra pictures I decided I will make them into a post for tomorrow :) Sorry for not being as active the past few weeks, hopefully towards the end of May I will be able to post more often :) 
Thanks for looking, 


  1. I just love brick backgrounds... And hiding spots! So much fun. : )

    1. Thanks! When I saw this I knew it would be the perfect spot to take pictures! My favorite part about this is all of the hidden marbles in the bricks! You can kind of see some in the pictures!

  2. Cute! I like it!


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