Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review Thursday

Hi! Today's review is on Rebecca's Sideboard. This is currently on sale for $60 but retails for $130. I was able to snag it at the sale price and I am so glad I got it! It is such a unique and high quality piece. The sideboard is really well made and sturdy because believe me, I lugged it around the American girl store for 30 minutes :)  

 As you can tell in this pictures the sideboard is shorter than Saige, 3 inches to be exact.   
Top Drawer- 
The top drawer looks like it has two drawers but is all one drawer, the handles are screwed inside the drawer and have great tiny details. 

Here are the screws holding the handle.  

The dolls hand easily fits into the opening and is able to pull the drawer out. 
The drawer is lined with velvet fabric at the bottom. 

The color is a dark maroon, similar to the AG colors.  
Rebecca's Makeup Set fits easily into the drawer.  
The drawer slides out easily but is not able to come out. 
The drawer is 2 in deep and almost 9 in long. The handles are almost 2.5 in long.  
Bottom Drawers- Two bottom drawers are located right underneath the top drawer and have plenty of room to store Rebecca's accessories and other items. 

On the end of the sideboard at each side is a nice scallop pattern. 

The door knob is held in place with a screw. The doors are able to open straight out but cannot go any farther. 
The pieces of wood at the top (not sure what they are called) stop the door from going in...
As well as two half circle indents, on the bottom of the two doors is a half circle that fits easily into the indent, holding the door in place. 
Rebecca's accessories can fit inside, although the door will not shut.  The doors are about 5 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide, the door knob is about 1/2 inch long. The inside is about 4 inches deep and 4  inches wide.    
Shelves and top-
On top of the sideboard is a small narrow shelf, with a small fleur-de-lis in the middle. 

The top is similar to the scallop pattern on the edges of the sideboard. 

The carved fleur-de-lis adds a great, simple touch and is a focal point. After taking pictures of this I picked it up to take it back to Rebecca's room and I discovered the decoration turns! It's kind of funny to move around although it only looks right if it is facing up. :) Before I forget this decoration is about 1 inch long and I inch wide. 

I love the carved decoration! This looks really nice and helps balance out the rest of the sideboard. It is about 4 inches tall.   
The dolls hand can easily reach the top shelf, which I find awesome as this will be great for pictures and photo stories. 
The dolls hand also looks very natural resting on the top of this, too. 

The top of the cabinet is about 5 inches wide and 11 inches long. 

On the back of the sideboard is the American Girl name, I love this so much rather than the annoying tags as this is barely even noticeable. I also noticed that the back of the sideboard is all on piece, I just wanted to point that out. :)

 Extra pictures-

Way to be a rebel, Saige.

Clearly she did not like that remark ;)

An American Girl doll is not able to bend over to get into the lower cabinet but by sitting on the ground can easily reach an arm in.
But, with slight bending the doll can reach the bottom of the top drawer, in this picture Saige is standing up straight, though. 

Hmm...Maybe I could put a tv their... 
Sorry for the delay in posting this, at the end of Tuesday this post was almost halfway finished and instead of rushing to finish it I decided to wait. If you have any questions about the sideboard feel free to ask! Unfortunately Around The Dollhouse will not be posted tomorrow, instead I will be posting my AGPC entry.  
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  1. Rebecca's sideboard looks cute!

    1. I just love it! It is such a great quality piece from American Girl ,I'm sad to see it go.

  2. I love the sideboard! I've been considering buying this so this review is really helpful!! :)

    1. I'm so glad this helped you! I love sharing what I think about an item from American Girl because it is always great to get a heads up if the piece is not always as it seems.

  3. Great review! I think it's a beautiful piece of well and so cool that you got it for $60..amazing price! :)

    1. Thank you! The sale price was too god of a deal to pass up, especially because no way would I have bought it at $130 when I want other pieces from Rebecca's collection :)


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