Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review Tuesday

Hello! Today's review is on the Bouquet Bedding that retails for $38. It goes with the Bouquet Bed set and basically has everything you need to finish the bed (so American Girl can make more money) it is nice though if you do choose to buy a secondhand bed and don't know how to sew you can buy just the bedding.(Although the bedding will probably cost more than the bed, just saying) It comes with a throw, comforter, bolster pillow and a decorative coconut pillow. I think it would have been cool if they added regular pillows because even if one uses the bolster the trundle bed would only have a small coconut pillow that honestly does not look that comfy. (Ever slept on sequins, anyone?) 
 I love how it is reversible! Very realistic :)
 Closeup of the design..

and an extra large tag ;)

The design on the back is really cute also and I can tell goes great with the color of the bed. 
Closeup of the pattern, notice the "tacks" ? I'm guessing they tie down the blanket :/

Bolster-I love the fun colors of the bolster pillow, it works with whichever side of the comforter! It is the same fabric from the design on the white side of the comforter. 

Of course the extra large tag...

I really like how the pillow involves a lot of different colors that are very cohesive and bring together the other aspects of the bedding while not too busy. 

 Coconut pillow- This is my favorite piece in this set, not only is it a very cute pillow I love how when you put all of the bedding together it looks awesome! Definitely an attention grabber. 
The pink glasses are stitched with metallic embroidery and the bow is firmly secured. 
The necklace is adorable with gold metallic embroidery and a sequin. 

And then you have the tag..

I also love the black embroidery outlining coconuts features. 
The back is a thin satin fabric. I'm okay with this as the rest of the pillow (minus the tag) is awesome!

The fabric on the front is a textured, almost fur-like fabric and gives it a soft, fuzzy feeling. 
The bow is adorable!


The comforter can easily fit two dolls side by side. 
 The bolster pillow is long enough on the bed, it just looks short as the comforter is larger so you can tuck it in the bed. 
She is so adorable...

Throw-While taking these pictures I almost forgot the throw yesterday, thankfully today I had time to take pictures and upload them. 
 The throw is also reversible and one side has a pink flower pattern and the other side has a striped pattern that can be found in the bolster pillow and the comforter flower design.

 Overall I really love this set, the bedding is great quality minus the huge tags. (I am going to be brave and cut them off! Sometime...) I love how the colors go very well with the rest of the Bouquet Bedroom set. I wish the throw was a bit longer as the doll is barely shorter than it :/ What do you think of this set, worth the price?  
Thanks for looking, 
P.S. a few extra shots ;)


  1. I never realized how cute that set is! Eh, I don't really believe it is worth the money. I would rather just sew my own bedding. :)

    1. I agree, then you can create bedding that fits your dolls personality better! It is very cute and great if it goes on sale for a decent price.

  2. Cute photos! I love the colors. I am really surprised at the price as well. It looks like it's very nice quality, though! Your dolls PJ's match perfectly :)

    1. Aww thank you! I didn't realize that they match until you said that! Now whoever gets that bedroom will have to use those PJ's.

  3. Thanks for the review! I, too, love the Coconut pillow. She is so cute! With tags, I'd just cut them off.. Tags can be so annoying sometimes! :P


    1. Your welcome! Yes, they can be, especially with doll sized items :)


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