Sunday, April 12, 2015

Exciting News and an Update

So?, do you want to here the boring or exciting news first? I'm going to go with the exciting news, which is (drumroll please..) a few weeks ago I was able to get Rebecca's sideboard! Eee! I was hesitant to pay full price for it ($130) and as soon as it went on sale I started to consider getting it, along with an in-store coupon and the price being lowered even more I decided I would finally get it. On the day I bought it (with money I saved up) I also was finishing up taking pictures for an AGPC challenge and decided why not take a few pictures of Rebecca and Mia with the sideboard. You would not believe how great quality this piece is, I love it! I was hesitant about the size as I have heard that the proportions to the doll are not right but standing the doll next to it I can tell you it looks great!

 I had to include this, just because ;)

And just for fun a black and white photo :) Sometime soon I will feature this piece in a Review Tuesday. So far I have painted one room the color I want it to be, which is the Kitchen/Living Room. The color was supposed to be a light green color but it ended up turning a mint green, I'm not sure how it will look with everything in it now! Hopefully it will be okay. It's great to add one of the bigger pieces to Rebecca's collection as before I only had her outfits :) I can't wait to see what else they add to Rebecca's collection, although that probably won't be until August :) And by the way, you might notice I haven't posted since Tuesday, but, I also post on Wednesdays at Seven Bloggers and their Dolls! I love posting on that blog as well as here but that means it takes up a lot of the free time I have to enjoy dolls,I hope I can find a better balance of blogging and painting the dollhouse as well as sewing. Sorry for the long post! 
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  1. Congrats on the sideboard! It looks super cute. :)
    ~Leah <3

  2. Oh, man, now I'm curious to see how this looks with H4H. But if I want Kit I really can't afford it......

    1. I think it would be in an even better scale for H4H, Good luck deciding!


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