Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Review Tuesday

Hi! Today's review is Rebecca's original accessories, I purchased this during the Cyber Monday sale at American Girl. I don't remember what the price was reduced to but the retail price was $24. I really wanted to get this set as the items hold special meaning in Rebecca's story. 

With the bulk of Rebecca's curls and the hat underneath the shawl it looks like Rebecca has a hump on her back ;)

Hat- As you can tell from the photo's the hat is a dust and lint catcher and you can clearly see it :( The shape of the hat has a very large brim, as you can see in the second photo if you don't tilt the hat backwards or flip up the brim of the hat it will look like Meet the Robinson's mind controlling bowler hat. I love the ribbon, the detail of the flowers is so pretty!The only tag I found is on the inside and is rather small:)

Brooch- I was expecting the pin to have a more secure fastener on the back, with the small size of the brooch it could easily fall off. I love the design and for those of you who have read the original Rebecca stories the brooch is very important to Rebecca. 

Shawl-The shawl is a great length and size, however, when you tie it around Rebecca you can clearly see the white side of the shawl, I don't like how it looks, American Girl should have printed the design on both sides. Of course the tag is right in the way when tying it around your doll so it can be a pain to tuck in. Another improvement American Girl should have made was to sew the tag towards the middle so it doesn't stick out when you put it on your doll. 

Overall I'm really not fond of this set, the items are hard to style with Rebecca's other outfits besides her original meet outfit and even though they are very important to her story I don't find myself using this very often. Altogether the ribbon on the hat, the brooch and the shawls pattern and color clash with each other, I wish the color and designs were more coherent throughout the set. Which do you prefer, Rebecca's original or Beforever meet accessory?   
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  1. I definetly like rebeccas new accesories better. Her beforever necklace is really pretty, and I also like her handbag. I liked the shawl in the historical accesories, but it doesn't look like it would go well with anything.

    1. Me too, I want to use the shawl more but I don't know what to pair it with :)


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