Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review Tuesday

Hello! Today's review is on Rebecca's Hanukkah Dress, I was able to snag this outfit during Cyber Monday for $16, the regular retail price is $32. I was so excited that I was able to get it! I was not looking forward to trying to find it on Ebay for a reasonable price but I got it on sale straight from AG.  

Dress- The details of this dress are amazing from the scalloped hem to the sash at the waist the dress is very well put together, the fabric is a very nice material that has a great quality, I love the purple stripes that add interest.  The dress closes in back with Velcro. What is great is the only AG tag is on the inside :) 

Tights- The tights aren't as thick as the tights that have come from more recent outfits for Rebecca, I love the lace detailing at the top, the tights are an off white.  They are easy to put on the doll, too.

Shoes- I love these shoes! The bows are adorable, the shoes do not have any AG tag inside or imprinted on the bottom. Yay!! Between the bow and the side of the shoe on each shoe is a piece of elastic, making it easier to get the shoes on, the shoes are really easy, even with tights on.  

Ribbon- At first the ribbon may seem too long but the way AG styled it is supposed to tie into a bow, almost like a headband. The pattern is very pretty, I'm not sure I styled it the best, I'll have to fiddle with it.  Nice addition to the outfit and colors go very well together. 

Overall the outfit is really cute, the quality is great and the plus is their are no annoying tags! I love the detail put into this outfit and it is a very important piece for Rebecca's collection.  What do you think? Is Rebecca's new holiday dress better or are they equal? 
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