Monday, March 30, 2015

AGPC Challenge: Behind the Scenes

I thought it would be fun to post extra pictures from the challenge and also give a more in depth look at the swing. Here are some of my favorites- 

It was so hard trying to balance her, I didn't think about it until I put the swing up, I eventually lowered it closer to the ground so I could put her feet on the ground to keep her from falling.  The sun was really bright although most of the time clouds covered it, which created a great lighting of course it would only cover it for a few minutes and then the pictures when the sun was shining looked like a picture with a flash.. I think I finally have my camera somewhat figured out, usually I just fiddle with it until the pictures turn out okay but lately I have tried adjusting different settings and the difference is great! The swing was made out of a piece leftover from the dollhouse that was drilled so that their was enough space for the rope to be tied, the rope was from around the house I had found, not sure where it came from, and then I was able to take down the existing swing on the swing set and tie this one up temporarily. I really like how it looks in black and white, which actually is an improvement as the unedited one wasn't as interesting with  dead grass and leaves in the background ;) 
Thanks for looking, 


  1. I love the pictures! They're so cool!:)

  2. These are gorgeous! I nominated you for the new blogger award

    1. Aww thank you! I don't know when I will be able to post it though :)

  3. Really pretty pictures! Rebecca looks adorable!


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