Thursday, March 5, 2015

Review Tuesday

Today's review is Rebecca's School Outfit. This outfit retails for $34 and includes sweater,dress,tights,boots and a ribbon. I love this outfit as everything you can mix and match with other outfits to create a unique combination, and, it is essential to Rebecca's collection. 


 Sweater-  I love this sweater! The front closes with three working buttons and the edges are contrasted with black trim. Overall this is very well made I rate it 10/10 


Dress- The top of the dress is made out of a thin cotton, the pleated skirt is made out of a black and white herringbone fabric that is a great thickness and a perfect scale. The back closes with Velcro. 10/10

 Boots- This might be my favorite part of the outfit, these boot's can go with almost anything! The back closes with Velcro. 10/10 

 Hairbow- Great length, texture is grosgrain ribbon. 7/10

 Overall I love this outfit! The price is okay.... I give this a 8/10.  
I'm really behind on comments right now, I hope I will be able to respond soon and thank you, it means a lot what all of you say :)  
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  1. I have this outfit too, and I agree with what you said. :) Although, I bought it a few weeks after Rebecca's debut, so I don't remember much about the price xD

  2. Great reveiw! That outfit is really cute! I love the sweater! :)

    1. The sweater is awesome! Great quality too :)


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