Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sewing Sunday

Today's project was one I talked about last week, a colonial dress for Felicity. I thought the green would go really well with her eyes and it does although the pattern that I followed fit's pleasant company dolls better. My only current pleasant company doll is Kirsten, here she is modeling the outcome. 

In the last Sewing Sunday post I mentioned I was having trouble with the stomacher (the solid green piece of the dress) I decided for now to leave it plain as the dress itself is busy enough and add lace to the top. Fortunately you can change it out to create different looks. I'm really happy with how it turned out and the color's are great for spring, Easter and St. Patrick day.  
                            Thanks for looking, 
                                             Polka Dot Bee


  1. You did a really great job! Where did you get the pattern from?

    1. Thank you! I used this pattern ~

  2. Wow! That is gorgeous! I can't believe you sewed that! ;)


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