Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review Tuesday

This Review Tuesday I am reviewing Rebecca's School Play Set, this set was a gift and while I am not a fan of the price I really like it :) 
Here is an overview- 

 Let's start with the makeup box, the makeup box is a sturdy paper (?) box with the year Rebecca's stories revolve around, 1914 and printed with frames around each side. Inside is a mirror, the mirror is framed with paper and each side has ribbon's attached to it. The box can not flip up without closing a few seconds later, the bottom is imprinted American Girl Made in China. 

The mirror is poor quality almost like old glass with a distorted image. The box can easily fit the two makeup containers, brush and program. 

 The rouge container is made out of paper (?) with a cute design on the top, on the inside their is a plastic insert of pretend rouge and on the bottom the brand name is printed. 

 The pretend powder is in an almost exact replica just with different colors and a brush. 

The brush is fake wood with really soft bristles.  
The first time I put the shoes on a doll's feet they were really hard to get on, thankfully they have stretched out a bit to allow the shoe to get on the foot, they are very cute and I can't wait to mix and match them with other outfits. On the bottom is the brand name. 

The program is very cute and printed on high quality paper, nice touch AG!

The butterfly headband is made out of plastic, unfortunately as other reviews have said, the tip of the headband is chipped. I can see this headband being broken very easily.  

The wings are very pretty and one of the highlight's of this set. The wings are attached around the waist and then to hold them up you slip one of the fingers through the elastic loop on either side of the wing. The butterfly print is embossed and can easily be scratched. 

 The dress isn't very flattering by itself but as a complete ensemble it does the job. The dress has flutter sleeves and an elastic waist. The dress closes in back with Velcro and a tiny slit at the bottom makes the dress easier to get on. 

Now that I reviewed each piece here is some more pictures of the outfit together- 

 Do you think it's worth the price, are you going to buy it? Connebt below what you think-
                                        Polka Dot Bee


  1. I'm not a huge fan of this set. But I do think that it's a nice addition to her collection.

    1. Out of all the Special Edition Kit's is my favorite but I am glad Rebecca got a outfit that expands on her acting interest. :)

  2. Great reveiw! That is such a pretty set! :)

  3. Great review! I've never been a huge fan of that outfit, but I now think it's really cute!:)

    1. Thanks, the outfit didn't really catch my eye either as out of the four Kit's was really cute but now that I have it I think it is very cute, probably not worth the price.


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