Saturday, January 24, 2015

Around the Dollhouse

Hi! Here is round two of Around the Dollhouse series- 

Saige called "I'm meeting Felicity for a hair appointment, Kirsten is at a sewing class and then later we can meet up for pizza, Bye!" 

 "And then I posed as the crowd cheered..." Mia said as she recounted her skating performance
 "It sounds like you did a great job Mia but did you really have to put your skates back on to tell me?" Rebecca said as she got ready to meet her best friend, 

"Fine, I'll take them off," Mia grumbled but was cut off by Marie Grace- 
 "I'm late for a cooking class, hey, would you help me tie my apron?"
 Rebecca offered to help while Mia told Marie Grace how her performance went 
 "Almost done...." Rebecca said, expertly tying the apron

 "The cooking class ends at five so I should be able to bike over in time to get pizza." 

Rebecca finished tying and with that Marie Grace hurried off, she didn't like to be late, especially today. 

 Rebecca informed Mia that they would be meeting for pizza at 6:30 and said Kirsten would be back early enough to walk with Mia and then, after checking that her friend was ready, left. 
 Remembering what Rebecca told her earlier Mia took off her skates and then walked over to her own bed, a mischievous plan forming in her mind. 

 She plopped her ice skates on the ground and carefully opened up a suitcase... 
 "Here spider,spider.." Mia mumbled to herself...
 At last she found the fake spider, Mia was the official prankster out of all the girls and if she has the chance she will use it, Mia always loves to pull pranks on the other girls and although she can get on her nerves everybody always get's over it..
 Marie Grace's bed is conveniently situated across from Mia/Saige's bed and it takes Mia only a moment to hide it where Marie Grace will surely find it... 
Thank's for looking!, 
                                           Polka Dot Bee 
p.s. Sorry some of the pictures don't turn out right, I am not a fan of indoor lighting. This series is so fun and I get to develop each girls personality more :)


  1. Hahahah!! I love seeing your dolls' personalities in this series. Oh, poor Marie-Grace! I hope she doesn't get too scared!!

    1. Thanks! Like Marie Grace I am not a fan of spiders, I think Marie Grace will be fine though, when she finds out it is a fake spider...

  2. Haha! Poor Marie Grace! So cute! :)


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