Thursday, January 15, 2015

Around the Dollhouse

Hello! With a new year I wanted to introduce themed posts while keeping some favorites like Sewing Sunday. I wanted to create this series as it's fun to have photo stories but those are both long and I also wanted to focus on still's of the doll's everyday lives. So... I introduce Around the Dollhouse! This will be up every Thursday or Friday and also feature what is happening behind the scenes as well as important updates. Here we go....... 
 As Saige was making a very important life decision (which shoe she should wear to a Art Show) Mia was heading to the local rec center to tryout for the swimming team. (She finally has conquered her fear of deep water)

 "Saige, could you hand me the lotion? My skin is going to be so dry after being in the water.." Mia said, putting on her cover-up. 

 "I am in the middle of something! Get it yourself!" Saige exclaimed tossing the shoe she was holding across the room. 
 Kirsten was able to dodge the flying shoe quite easily and was impatiently eating her breakfast for dinner, hoping the mailman would hurry up with her new bed.
 "Hey, I'm back!" Marie Grace said as she took her coat off, "Is dinner ready?"
 "Kirsten's currently eating it." Rebecca answered trying to talk Felicity into jumping on the bed with her..
 "Then could you get off your bed?, my bed is too hard to bounce on.." Rebecca doesn't usually eat a lot of sugar, it can have a um "interesting" effect on her
 "Fine, I'm going to go do homework." Felicity snapped, Felicity was usually on very good terms with Rebecca but she can sometimes get on her nerves
 "Yes!" It's finally here! I've been waiting CENTURIES for this to get here." (Actually now that I think about it she might have....)
 "My own bed, I don't have to share with Marie-Grace anymore!"
 As you can tell Kirsten was very excited, wouldn't you want your own bed after sharing it with someone who always keeps the light on to read before bed?

 Bare feet is the best <3

 This was so fun to make! I hope you enjoyed a snippet of the life around here,  
                     Polka Dot Bee


  1. Haha! This is soo cute and funny! I loved reading it and seeing how your dolls interact with each other! :)

    1. Thanks, it was so fun to develop their personalities and respond to how they would react. :)

  2. Your dolls are so cute. xD I'm glad that Kirsten finally won't have to sleep with Marie-Grace's light on! I do have to admit that I do the same as Marie-Grace. xD

    1. Thanks! I totally understand, I am a book worm myself and have stayed up very late finishing books :)


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