Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review Tuesday


I wanted to start Review Tuesday as while reviewing Grace's Pajama's I enjoyed telling you my thoughts as well as taking pictures of the outfits, with Cyber Monday and Jill's Steals and Deals I have accumulated a lot of outfits that I would like to tell you my thoughts on as I always enjoy reading other peoples reviews and seeing the products up close rather than just stock photo's. Today's review is Addy's Blue Dress, this dress has gone through many names :) 

 The outfit comes with a gingham ribbon, the ribbon is a suitable size, I can tie the ribbon around a pony tail and then tie it into a bow, I think this ribbon goes very well with the dress and is very adorable. 

 The fabric is a lightweight striped cotton dress, the front bodice is lined but the rest of the dress isn't,  I'm not a big fan of it being see-through but with a lot of tiny tucks I know it's easier to create intricate tucks with a fabric that is very lightweight. 

 The dress features four growth tucks. and small tucks around the waist, top and sleeves. 

 The dress features Velcro in the back, the Velcro stops halfway. 
 I like that the tag is inside the dress ;)

 Here's some more closeup shot's featuring the dress modeled by Kirsten- 

 Since the dress was folded into a box the dress has creases from being folded, I also want to purchase the crinoline and chemise as this dress look's better than without :)
 Thank's so much for reading! ,
                                             Polka Dot Bee


  1. Wonderful review, I wanted to get this dress and was about to make up my mind to, but I discovered that they are no longer selling it! I was so disappointed! I am glad you were able to get it! It looks wonderful on Kirsten.

    1. Thank you, Sorry you missed out on getting this,you can always try Ebay :)

  2. Great review and pretty pictures! I have always liked that dress! :)

    1. Addy's dresses are simple but are so cute! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. The dress is really pretty! Thank you for the review, although I have never bought an American Girl outfit.



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