Friday, January 30, 2015

Around the Dollhouse

After taking down the Christmas decorations (finally!) the girls decided to decorate for Valentines day as it was a boring Saturday and they had nothing to do.  They decided to decorate with heart's around each of their bed's for now and over the week add more decorations.  Saige and Mia, however, had very different opinions as to how they should decorate their wall.
 "It's all wrong!" Mia exclaimed pointing to the wall, "I think we should do an "M" for Mia.", Saige, who had more patience calmly explained that they were both sharing this wall and that their weren't enough heart's for them both to spell out their initial. Finally hearing what Saige was saying Mia suggested that since their were three for each of them she would put her's going to the right and Saige could put her's to the left.
 After working that out they began to discuss whether or not Macaroni and Cheese or Hot Dog's were most popular (their conversations can get very random, especially when they seem to have the opposite view on everything, they enjoy it though)

As Kirsten had moved to her own bed Marie Grace was happily planning out her design, a complicated pattern that would reflect her pink bed, after all, besides her birthday, Valentines was one of her most favorite holidays. She genuinely enjoyed seeing the best in people and making them feel better. 

 "Their" she said as she placed the last heart onto the wall,

 Saige glanced across the room and sighed, Marie Grace lately was beginning to outshine her artistic ability. 

 Kirsten preferred purple and that showed as she quickly pieced together a "K" for her name. 
 Rebecca was just pleased to join in on the fun and decorate. 
 She chose to decorate her rather large wall with randomly placed hearts. 
 Felicity placed her hearts going from biggest to smallest. 

 The Christmas decor had been put away and now rested a simple white tea set with a pink tablecloth, above a banner of paper snowflakes hung. 

 Kirsten sat down to read one of her books assigned from School, comfortably resting on the homemade rug by the fireplace. 

Rebecca and Marie Grace met to discuss Valentines Party supplies as both had been appointed to party organizers by their sisters. Both thoroughly enjoyed this topic as each loved to be organized and especially loved to decorate and host parties. 

 "Let's see, we need paper,glitter and glue for the invitations, Kirsten volunteered to make cookies, the house is decorated, anything else we need?" Rebecca said as she named things off her list 

 Marie Grace though for a moment and then decided they would need candy and with that they headed off to the store. 

  Felicity picked up an instrument as spunky as her personality,  she even named it, calling it Penny ii 

"Wow, this thing is heavy, do you think I should put it in a case?" Felicity wondered to herself.. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great rest of your day! 
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