Monday, September 1, 2014

AGPC Challenge One

So, Dolls On My Mind is holding a contest, similar to AGMA on YouTube and I am entering in to it because not only will it mean another blog post but it will help me improve my picture skills, so, without further ado, here is my picture.. 
As Kirsten journeys back to her log cabin she stops to rest and practice her English d-o-g she pronounces carefully. She wonders how she will ever please her teacher...  
I chose Kirsten because one, I just made her a school outfit and I just finished reading her books, I was really inspired by how hard working she is and even though it is hard for her to learn English and adapt to living in America she makes the best of it.  
Here are some extra pictures- 

Thanks for looking! Good luck! 
                          Polka Dot Bee


  1. Thank you for entering!!! I love the mini chalkboard ♥keep up the great work! Good luck! =D


  2. Fabulous entry! Kirsten is so cute!

    ~ Mint


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