Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quick Craft

Here is a tutorial for a historical inspired back to school craft. So their have been a lot of doll school crafts but not a lot for historical's... 
For the photo challenge I featured Kirsten, so I made a small doll sized chalkboard for her to use, would you like to know how I made it?  

Materials - 
Manila Paper 
Glue stick 
Doll Sized Chalk 
Black paper, chalkboard paper or chalkboard paint (Use whatever you have) 
The first step is to mark the manila paper at  2.5 inches.
Then you will mark the manila paper at  2 inches. 
Cut along the marks- it should look like this- 
Round the corners with your scissor- 
Mark the chalkboard paper at  1.5 inches. 
Then mark the chalkboard paper at  2 inches
Cut it out- it should look like this- 
Then round the corners with your scissors 
After that glue the pieces together using a glue stick- 
Your'e Done! Tip: For longer play-ability glue or paint the chalkboard onto a round chip from the craft store :) 

Polka Dot Bee 
p.s. I hope you liked our first craft tutorial! 


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