Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hi! This photo-story is basically about Rebecca's arrival, hope you enjoy! 
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a lazy Saturday morning, Mia and Felicity were discussing appropriate slippers for Saturday's, Saige was choosing an apple after riding and Kirsten was being productive by practicing her stretching.  

"So, you think pink is better than blue?" Felicity questioned as Mia leaned back  
Only three? Saige thought to herself, choosing an apple from the bowl 

"One, two, three, one, two, three..." Kirsten repeated, stretching her leg 

Nobody noticed an odd pile of boxes slowly scooting toward them... 

The very top package was slowly making its way off the pile, until... 

CRASH! Everybody turned wondering where the startling noise came from 
Felicity threw her hands up in surprise when she discovered who was their, Saige accidentally knocked the bowl of apples off the table and Kirsten fell straight onto her bed (at least it was a soft landing) and Mia just looked. Clearly, this was not a good impression. 
"Hi!", Rebecca said, "Sorry for the mess, as you can see I came with a lot." 

 After an awkward silence everybody rushed over, wondering why and how this person was here, Rebecca explained that she was going to be moving in with them but had to move a lot of stuff and since she did not know them, she didn't know weather they would help or not. 
"Hey!" Kirsten said, balancing on a stack of boxes, "We can put the boxes on the top of our closet.  

Soon the job was complete and Saige, after helping out them away, was very excited to try on all of the outfits. 

"So, these are all of yours?" Kirsten question, Rebecca nodded, "Lucky!" Kirsten replied "I didn't come with anything!" They both laughed as they helped Saige push the last of the boxes on top, Meanwhile...

Some of the items had fallen out, Mia and Felicity took the opportunity to try them out, "do you think they look good?" Mia asked Rebecca 

Rebecca giggled, "Yep, you look very fancy." She said "What is going on?" Marie Grace said, just coming back from the library. 

 *Awkward Silence*

Rebecca shyly stepped forward "Hi, I'm Rebecca and I am the newest member in the family."  

Phew, it was really intense their for a minute, Thought Rebecca 

Of course, everybody had to join in on the group hug.  

Group photo! Wow, 6 dolls :) Thanks for looking, 
                                                                         Polka Dot Bee


  1. What a lovely doll collection ♥ Rebecca is lucky to have come home with you ;)


    1. Thanks!, I am very thankful that this doll came home :)

  2. Your dolls are beautiful ♥ Rebecca is very lovely.

  3. What a lovely family! She is very lucky to find such a home! isn't seeing that you have six dolls for the first time kind of strange? haha.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Neat. Congratulations on the new member of the family


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