Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sewing Sunday

Hey, so this week I stumbled upon some AMAZING deals at a local secondhand shop.They were having a summer clearance sale and all of the clothes in the racks were $0.50! I was able to get a baby swimsuit, jumper (featured in this post), dress and top.  Also at the shop was a Rebecca for $60! We  did not get her as just a couple weeks before we bought Rebecca :) (Great deal though!) So this Sunday Sewing post will be featuring the romper that we got, I think it is 3-6 month, anyway, I don't know what I want to do with the bottom part but I will be featuring the top part of it now. Their is something about yellow that makes hazel eyed dolls really pop and since we have both Rebecca and Mia their were plenty of choices :) Anyway, onto the post- 
I did not get a before photo of the outfit but I didn't make any drastic changes..  

I first tried the outfit on the doll, fitted the excess fabric in the back, cut the straps off, hemmed it, sewed on the straps to the right place and stitched it up in the back.  

It is starting to feel like fall around here but this top will look perfect for a bumble bee on Halloween . 

The back of it is a little mismatched but oh well. 

So cute! 

What photo do you like best? Do you're dolls have any idea of what they are going to be for Halloween? 
                                                    Polka Dot Bee


  1. Whoa, that is adorable!!!!!!! I'm horrible at resizing human clothes for dolls, even baby clothes, so I always admire seeing what you create out of them! This is probably one of my favorites =) I think the first picture is my favorite! Haha_ my dolls have no idea what they want to be ;)


    1. Aww thanks:) It is definitely one of my favorites too, yeah, it will be interesting creating more Halloween outfits mainly because I don't have a lot of other ideas!

  2. What a great deal! I love how that shirt has a Halloween feel to it! It also looks great with the jeans. :) My favorite photo is the 7th one.

    ~ Mint

    1. It was definitely an awesome deal! Thanks, I am very glad how the pictures turned out :)


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