Friday, August 29, 2014


Yesterday we went to the grand opening of Beforever, it was a lot of fun to see all of the outfits and dolls in person. We were so busy looking at everything and trying to decide what to get in under an hour that we forgot to take pictures! Can you believe it? We asked what you would love to see and then forgot to take pictures. Many of you wanted to see Kit and you will have to take my word for it, she is very adorable! I really like how they shortened her hair, it suits her a lot better.  But, we are planning to go back next week (I think next Saturday) and we will for sure take pictures. 
Here is a comparison of Kit to show how bright and fresh she looks then and now- 
As you can see the older version has a more muted tone, making her dark blue eyes blend in, the Beforever meet outfit makes Kit's eyes really stand out, which is great because I really love the dark blue eye's on Kit. (The hat looks even cuter in person!) 

 So now since comparing the old with the new I wanted to tell a little more about my trip.. 
We were originally planning on getting MyAg #61 but, like the last time we stopped by, it was hard to like her, out of all the ones we looked at each of them had something that made them look odd to us. (A lot of them had really high eyebrows, making them look surprised) I just think that she needed a different mold.. 
So we looked around and we had a few favorites in mind which were Kit and Rebecca, well, it was really hard to choose but in the end we decided to get Rebecca! We looked at about four of them before choosing and we found a cute one with a sweet expression, we have since fallen in love with a lot of Rebecca's collection and hope to add to our collection soon. Out of all the new releases here are some of our favorites-  
$50 I can't believe Kit's typewriter is back!It looked so cute in person.
$34 Kit looks kind of like a bitty baby in the stock photo but it looks much more promising in person.  
$115 Addy, her meet outfit is so cute, she now has feathered eyebrows which looks great on her! 
$34 Addy's school outfit is just to cute, soft material in person.  

 $28 Her lunch pail is also cute, I will definitely be making something similar to this.  

$100 Julies egg chair has a really unique feature, you can plug in your own music! I like it.. 
$34 This is definitely coming home to us! Very adorable! 
$68 A little pricey but their are doll sized candlesticks in the set! We just got done reading Rebecca's first book and if you have read it you know how important candles are to Rebecca.  
$300 When I saw pictures of this before the launch I was hoping it would not be over $350.. It looks very cute in person and if, somehow we could get this we would.  
$115 When American Girl in one of their videos talked about Samantha's red bike (where is the red?) I really liked it, now, not so much. 

$36 Their has been much talk about this outfit and let me just say this, it looks a LOT better in person..  
$134 We came home with Rebecca! I am really glad they only raised the prices by $5 not ten like Isabelle. I really like this meet outfit a lot better than her old one and compliments her hazel eyes very well. Her hat look's so much better the way I styled it.. 
Hope to see you soon!, 
                   Polka Dot Bee


  1. Congrats on Rebecca!!! She's super cute!


  2. Cool! I like a lot of those items too! :)

    ~ Mint

  3. I'm glad you had a good time at the event. Congratulations on adding Rebecca to your family!

    1. We definitely did, thanks! She is a great addition :)


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