Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where will you be?

With all of this talk about Beforever I just wanted to share with you our plans, feel free to share your plans in the comments. 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are very excited to see all the new releases but still sad about four of the dolls going... but this revamp has been needed and we hope that it will be a great success (We are very excited about Kit's typewriter coming back!) So since we have a store by us we will be going and if any of you would like pictures of things, ask! We will gladly take pictures of dolls and accessories at the store and the stuff we will get their. So, I know this isn't our regular post but we are working on this Sewing Sunday post as well as what we are planning to get. Stay tuned and what are your plans for Beforever?


  1. I don't really have much of a plan for Beforever. xD I guess I'll just get anything that I like and have enough money to purchase. ;)


  2. My only plan for Thursday is to take advantage of the meet outfits being sold separately for a limited time and buy Kit's. I think it's super cute, although I used to hate it XD so maybe if it's not too much trouble, can you take some pictures of Kit? Thanks!



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