Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thrifty Find Friday

I know its not Friday but I still wanted to post my finds for this week. 
First up is a picture frame for $1 
Picture frames are always great to add realism to your dolls room, a lot of them look like windows and I think this one will work especially for Isabelle's room (we don't have Isabelle yet but it is fun to start making a room for her) 

Nightstand or small end table $1 
I really liked the look of this (I love shabby chic!) and I think it would be perfect as a nightstand or end table but might be a little too big for a nightstand, (maybe an "island" counter in a kitchen?) this plays Christmas music and the front of it is used to hold pictures. I will probably paint the middle of it because their is a black mark or try to wipe it off. An added bonus is you can lift the lid up and their is storage space!  


Next up is a jewelry holder that started life off as this- 
 (couldn't find exact picture but it looks similar to this)
 Doll Dresser $1.50
When I first saw this I immediately thought of Isabelle, we are planning on getting her and some of her collection (mostly mix and match)  this will perfectly fit a lot of her outfits and accessories. I tested out different color ideas and settled on coral and silver, the silver did not turn out too well so I am going to repaint the drawers white.  

Doll cup $0.50 
I love peacocks so when I found this I knew I had to have it, it looks a little too big but small enough that it looks okay in terms of scale.  

 Plastic Bowl $0.50 
This is a great deal, it looks a lot like glass but is plastic. It is too big to be a "bowl" in doll size but I think i might use it in a future room for MyAg #61, I am still deciding if I want it to be a light, hang it one the wall or something else.   

Thanks for looking and come back Sunday or Monday to see what I made!  Bye! 


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