Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Ag Release Part One

Hello, its Felicity here and I wanted to talk about the release that just came out today. (Did anybody else stay up until an early hour to see it?, anybody?) You can check out it here . I will be including almost everything and span it out to two posts for everything to be covered. 
First up is the new MyAg doll, the rumored #61 $110
My thoughts: This girl could totally be my sister! I LOVE the brighter shade of red instead of the caramel color AG has been using. The only thing that I would like to see is freckles! Have you ever seen a redhead without freckles?  I also love the darker green, my eyes look like lasers LOL
Coconut the puppy $28
My thoughts: Our Coconut is the older version and while I do like our dog when Coconut gets dirty it is hard to get him back to his all white fur. I like that this one has a magnetic mouth so it can hold a bone (extra cute!)   I love that this one can also be put in different positions. 

Himalayan Kitten  $28
My thoughts: This kitten is so cute! Again, love how you can pose the pet and also can pick up things with its mouth. This one looks a lot less grumpier than Isabelle's kitten, Tutu.  
Leashes  $12-16
My Thoughts: I really like these leashes but they used to be included with the pet, now they are sold separately and the pet is at a higher price.   
 Pet Beds $26
My thoughts: This is really cute and a great idea, who would let their pet sleep on the floor? I like the different styles but here is a comparison the sleep and snack pet bed (now sold out) was $26 but included a bed, a food/water dish and stickers, the newer one just comes with the bed (only one comes with a pillow). I feel like American Girl is raising their prices while including less with each product.  Edited- One of the new releases is a pet treat set for $16
 Isabelle's Sparkle dress and makeup set $36 each 
My thoughts: I love that you can but the makeup part of it separately, unlike the SE Rebecca's School Play Set. I am not a fan of the dress as I was hoping for something more like this- 
I will probably get the makeup set but that outfit is not coming home with me (Isabelle has a lot of other colors that look good on her other than PINK!).  I'm also disappointed because this is probably all we will get for Isabelle this year unless their is something in the fall lineup)

Coconut Cutie Outfit $30                                                               
My thoughts: I really like this outfit, it looks a lot better than other new outfits. I love that it is not pink, the coconut graphic is too cute,  and the shoes and hair piece is amazing! (Seriously, whoever designs shoes for dolls are amazing!) I really like the skirts peachy color.     
Starry Hoodie Outfit $30  
My thoughts:  Everything is wrong with this outfit, I would not be seen by the other dolls in this! What is up with that headband, orange is not even in this color combination. I think the only thing I like is the shoes and maybe the headband and pants if they were styles differently with something other than this outfit. I do not like the hoodie at all.          

   Bright Stripes Outfit $38 
             My thoughts: I really like the jacket , I don't know about orange though. I think everything coordinates with each other pretty well.  
                            School Stripes Dress $28 
My thoughts: I am undecided about this outfit, I feel like it is missing something... Anyway I think the dress is okay, just not a must-have (I think I will just wait for it to go on sale..) I like the shoes.   
That's it for now, Part Two will probably be tomorrow, Bye :)


  1. Nice thoughts. I like how you presented your observations on the new products.
    I have an older Coconut...not the one we got in 2001, but shortly therafter - both had magentic mouths. I love that feature and had no idea it was gone until the announcement it was back.

    I think the collars and leashes are separate so that we have more choices. I do wish they were more like $10 instead of $12 & $16. Totally agree about the beds. Do love the new treats set, but why does the place mat have to be a bone? The Himalayan cat wouldn't want to eat off of that. ;-)

    The Coconut Cutie and Bright Stripes outfits are cute, but I'm not fond of the others.

    1. Thanks! and yes, I really like the magnetic mouths and how they can "pose" easier and also the different option of pet bed and leashes instead of just one option but I am also sad that they did not include a treat set for the kitten because we are planning on adopting that cat even though it is like a catzilla next to a doll. I like a couple of the outfits but some of them kind of look like they have been thrown together at the last minute.


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