Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Ag Release Part Two

Hi, Felicity again with Part Two!!  
Petals and Plaid Pj's $24 
My thoughts: I really like this, most American Girl pajamas look nice and you cant go wrong with this one. 
Bouquet Bed and Bedding $175-213 
My thoughts: I really like that it is a trundle so at least two of us can get use out of it but for $213 for the bed and bedding we will not be getting this.  I also like the shelves and the accessories. I applaud AG for making more money by selling the bedding separately  ;)
Bouquet Nightstand $58 
My thoughts: I like this one a whole lot better than the previous one because who doesn't need more storage space for clothes?  I like the vase and the alarm clock but I don't know if the postcards really go well with it.  Tip: Looking in thrift stores I almost always find jewelry boxes and stuff that are great for doll sized dressers and nightstands, in tomorrows post I feature 2 I found for about a dollar each! 
Sunset Sleepover Bag $28 
My thoughts: I like this one, it goes really well with the new tent. It also looks a lot better than the previous one, which needed something better than gray and purple. I think this one would go really well with Saige's outfits and even the pajamas.  
Sparkly Camp Outfit $30 
My thoughts: This does not look like a camping outfit at all, more like a trip into the city.  Other than that I think it is a nice outfit, it may or may not make it here. I think if they did a more "traditional" camping outfit many girls in the target age market would not buy it because it would be too plain or boring.   
Sunset Sleepover Tent $58 
My thoughts: I like this, it looks smaller than the previous one so if you have a lot of dolls and want to fit them all in their that would probably not work out.  I like that it is a "pup" tent which is usually what kids would use if
they were camping. 
Trail Accessories $38 
My thoughts: The hat coordinates with the "camping" outfit and includes all the things you would need to hike while camping. 
Pet outfits $18 
My thoughts: I like the petal pet outfit and the preppy pet outfit but I find them a lot similar to each other. What I don't like about the price is you can get (from around the same price range) an outfit for yourself or for your dog :/  
Why a barbie sized shoe?

Jewel Highlights Set $15 
My thoughts: I like that they added some "neon" highlights as these look good on darker hair colors like brown or black hair.  I really want them so then I don't have to dye my hair (not that I would), I can just clip these in instead.   The only thing I am going to complain about is this will not work on short hair! 
Accent Braid Clips $15 
I have to agree with Leah from toDOLLYAwesome, you could braid your hair for FREE! Again, these will not work with short hair, imagine, an odd long piece of hair braided hanging down :)
Earring Tree and Earrings $10 each 
My thoughts: I'm glad that they made this a separate purchase than that weird shelve thing. I don't think I will buy it for $10 but thanks for the idea! I will definitely make it for Saige as a gift for Christmas.  Now for the earrings, I really like both sets and for 10$ I will probably get the doodle earrings.  The pet earrings is cute and I like it, but not enough for me to buy it. 

Watches and Rings $8 each 
My thoughts: I like the idea of the watches but meh....  The rings are cute but I like Saige's ring a lot better and these would probably end up getting lost anyway.  

I would recommend getting the watch, rings or earrings as a small gift for a birthday or a holiday because it is a nice piece and a great way to accessorize your wardrobe.  

Camp Treat Set $58 
My thoughts: This looks a little small but I think they are going for the idea of a tabletop grill, which is cool, but wouldn't you need a picnic table for that ? ;) I like the plates, cups, bag, teakettle and grill pan (super cute!) but the food looks weird and is totally out of scale. (Have you seen the melon slices?!) I really like this set (with the exception of the food) and this might come home because we love to camp!  

Doodle Backpack Set $28 
My thoughts: This is definitely an improvement from the other backpack and is relevant to today's style.  The pencil box is super cute! I don't like it that much that I will buy it because my must have list is long enough already.  
What do you think about the release? I have a few things I would like to get but I don't have any "must-haves" I know I did not include everything but the things I left out are just items that have been released in the past (and have gone up in prices), just a different take on it.  



  1. Now, I would think for $213 the bedding would be included with the bed as well as all the shelving accessories.

    We agree on the camping outfit. Not appropriate for real camping at all. An outing or day trip - sure, but not camping.

    I hadn't seen the price on the Camp Treats. I like it but not that much. You can get really cool quality doll foods from Etsy from much less or DIY like Amaya at Fun with AG Fan. Have you seen her grill? It's cool.

    My only must have is the Corgi puppy.

    1. I have seen her grill and it is awesome! I am hoping to make a late fourth of July barbecue photo story and make that grill, yes, their are a lot of great DIY ideas out their.

    2. Have fun! Looking forward to the pictures.


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