Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Registering for Camp Doll Diaries

Hi! Its Marie-Grace here and I signed up to be a counselor so my first job is to wait at the registration desk.  My cabin I am assigned to is the Butterfly Cabin and it seems like my friends and sisters are in that cabin too.
I waited patiently as my first campers came in. 
"Hi Marie-Grace!" Felicity said as she dragged in her suitcase, "So when are we going to ride horses?"  Not yet I said and asked Felicity for her registration papers, as she handed them to me Saige and Mia came in complaining about the mosquito's.  
  Do you have your papers? I asked  "Yeah, they're in my bag somewhere." Saige said.  All three of you are going to be in Cabin Butterfly I said as I handed them the key, I'll see you soon!
"I call this one!" Felicity yelled as she jumped up on her bed. "Oh brother." Mia muttered as she made her way over to one of the bunks and spread out her favorite polka dot sleeping bag.
 As we got settled down Marie-Grace came in and asked if we had put away our clothes yet, "Yes" We all chorused as she walked over to the closet.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaa!" Marie-Grace screamed as tons of clothes toppled onto her.
"This is how you put away clothes?" Marie Grace said as she got up, "It was Saige's fault!" Felicity said as she hopped down onto the floor, "She brought a huge suitcase of clothes!"  "I'm sorry I want to look decent!" Saige said.  Marie Grace got up and calmly said "Here are your 2 choices for today... making name tags or taking a ride on a wagon."    As she walked back to the registration room we all looked at each other and Mia said, "We got off to a rocky start."
To be continued..

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  1. Nice job! Very interesting...Can't wait for the next one! :)



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