Friday, June 20, 2014

Thrifty Find Friday

I am starting a new series on this blog of fun things I have found to inspire you when looking for doll stuff.  Today's find is a doll sized suitcase, this was originally a sewing kit, I got it for less than a dollar! I have been wanting a doll suitcase for a while now and I eventually made one (separate post for that :) ) but I was still on the lookout for a more durable doll sized suitcase.  

This suitcase is just right for traveling with a doll, going camping or just vacationing. I  LOVE the color of this suitcase! Marie Grace decided to model the suitcase along with Elizabeth's retired Summer Outfit, minus the shoes. (Marie Grace loves posing for the camera!)  

This is one of my favorites.

Thanks for looking, I am hoping to do this every Friday, or until I run out of things to show you :).  

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