Friday, January 1, 2016


First, Happy New Years! Yes, I was one that as soon as midnight came checked the AG website to see Lea Clark. Your blogging feed has probably been filled with Lea Clark for a while now and tomorrow i'll contribute to that ;) For now, I thought it was fitting to write a post in honor of last years girl of the year, Grace Thomas. 
Gah, I really love this photoshoot. You know those times where you find the perfect location with great lighting and it only takes you just 10 minutes to take pictures? This was one, they don't come very often do they? 
Snow has been in abundance here and I love the awesome lighting it can create.  
Just like last year I have a cold :\ It's nothing major and doesn't stop me but it is enough to be very annoying!, not the best way to start off the new year ;) 
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. Wow, these pictures are beautiful! Happy New Years! Will you be getting Lea?

  2. Happy New Year!
    This is a fabulous shoot and Grace looks awesome. Those times are few and far between - congratulations on being able to capitalize on this one.

  3. These photos are gorgeous. <3 It's so sad to see Grace go. :'(

  4. Absolutely stunning photos. She looks so perfect in that dress <3 Farewell, Libby!

    - Ellie

  5. Those are pictures are beautiful!

  6. The pics are beautiful and Grace looks amazing in that outfit! You are SO lucky to have snow. Where I live there has been no snow sadly:(

    1. Thanks!, hopefully snow will make it's way to you :)

  7. Lovely photos! I LOVE how her eyes pop in the snowy light.


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