Saturday, January 2, 2016

Thoughts on Lea Clark

Hi! I always love when the time of a new release comes, it's exciting to pore over the catalog or website looking as the new items in detail.  
So, what were my reactions to Lea's collection?, read on..  
Lea Clark $120
image credit American Girl 
Growing up one of my friends was half Brazilian and super pretty, so it was kind of exciting when I heard that she was going to be part Brazilian. I really do wish they would have made her a full doll of color!  
Even with different eyebrows, darker skin and highlights in her hair Lea still looks too similar to Rebecca for me, which is why this doll is only on the "maybe" list.  
One thing that I love is the doll comes with a necklace and messenger bag right out of the box, which is a big plus!  
I like the bright colors but I know already some dolls will look better in it than others. The shoes are cute.   
Lea's Accessories $32 
image credit American Girl 
I really love these accessories better than Grace's! The camera is super cute, I love that on the side it has little clips so the doll can easily hold the camera without rubber bands! I like the use of the headband which will be great for styling her hair. The passport, magazine and bracelet are really cute mementos of her trip to Brazil.   
Margay, Three-Toed Sloth $20 Sea Turtle $18


image credit American Girl 
Out of all three, I like the sea turtle the best, although the sloth comes in a close second. The Margay cat I feel like could have looked a lot better, especially after seeing pictures of a real life Margay cat. I want to see them in person before deciding if the scale is right compared to a doll.  
Lea's Rainforest House $395 

image credit American Girl 
I love this, I think it's so cute how you can change where the bed and hammock are and everything can be stored inside when you are done playing. The tile on the floor is beautiful and all of the accessories (especially the tablet) are so cute. Compared to Kit's Treehouse this has more play-ability. This would definitely be on my must have list if it wasn't for the price. A mini kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom in one! 
Lea's Rainforest Dreams Pajamas $24 
image credit American Girl 
First off, why is their not a hair tie and why the long title? I have to say I do *like* the pajamas but the lack of hair tie and odd slippers deter me from buying unless it goes on sale. I do really like the busy print of the romper now that I see stock photos.   
Lea's Rainforest Hike Outfit $34

image credit American Girl 
 Eee! This easily has to be my favorite outfit from her collection as of now, I love the cute watercolor butterfly shirt. I think the colors go well together and the compass/watch is a cute addition. For the price it does include a really well rounded outfit complete with belt and headband. 
Lea's Rainforest Hike Accessories $28 
Image credit American Girl 
I think the hiking accessories is a must for Lea's collection. The backpack is really well designed and I love the pattern. From the picture the bars look bigger than the pocket so hopefully this isn't the case in real life. The crazy colored walking stick is cool and I love the the binoculars have straps on the sides for the dolls to hold it easier! The bug spray and butterfly guide are cute, the only thing I want to complain about is the price of the outfit and accessories combined.   
Lea's Fruit Stand $150
image credit American Girl 
For some reason I really like this better than Grace's pastry cart. I think this set would be really easy to recreate! For a fruit stand this really looks like it has little fruit ;)   
Lea's Mix & Match Swim Suit Set $34 
image credit American Girl 
Yay! Two swim suits in one set. I really wish this set came with shoes of some kind! The colors go really well with her hair/eye combination.  
Lea's Beach Accessories $34
image credit American Girl  
Oh, here they are ;) Of course this set is $34 too! I think the beach towel is cute and the little turtle is even cuter. Swim mask, snorkel and flippers are a must and of course you need sunscreen!  
 And now, my favorite item in Lea's collection is... 
Lea's Ocean Kayak Set! $85 
image credit American Girl 
Yes, when I heard that Lea's collection was going to have a kayak I could barely contain my joy! I love going kayaking and a kayak is even cuter doll sized, is it not? Two of my favorite things in one- kayaking and photography! My kayak isn't as fancy as Lea's with an underwater scene and sail... The cute paddle,camera and vest I can't wait to use. I might just have to break the "no dolls in water rule"... 
Lea's Bahia Outfit $28 

image credit American Girl 
Cute! Still undecided about whether or not I might buy it..   

What is your must have item from Lea's collection? 
Thanks for looking!, 
p.s. Does no neck strings bother you?


  1. I want Lea! I might have to convince my parents for one more doll! :)

  2. honestly, i think lea does look a lot like rebeca, but the real people photos make her look a lot cuter.

    personally i don't like the pjs :/

    i think the swim suit set is SO CUTE and is on my maybe list.

    i don't think the neck strings bother me.


  3. My favorite item from her collection is probably her swim suit set! I love the colors.

  4. I love Lea's collection! If I get anything it will probably be the doll though:)

  5. I love Lea herself, her Bahia outfit, and her Rainforest Hike outfit!
    UM YES IT BOTHERS ME. I feel like neck strings bring back a lot of memories of the earliest PC dolls and the tradition of dolls to have neck strings before that, and were one of the last visible reminders of AG's previous heirloom quality, which I think has now been surpassed by Carpatina and A Girl for All Time.

    - Ellie


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