Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meet Maisey!

 Hi! Today I wanted to introduce to you one of my favorite Christmas gifts I received, Truly Me #58! Believe it or not, she is my very first doll I have ever received as a Christmas gift, the rest were birthday or I bought them :) Deciding her name only took about 5 minutes? With the help of family I decided on the name Maisey, and suddenly I figured out her personality!  
But, let me first show you her-
I decided her middle name would be Bee! It suits her and I can't wait to begin working on a "Bee" inspired bedroom for her!


Maisey loves plants (especially flowers!) and of course, bees.

Her favorite thing to do is smile.

Her favorite jewelry item is a simple strand of pearls. 

Maisey also loves finding and collecting vintage buttons. 

Her favorite colors to wear are jewel tones, and she almost never goes without a flower in her hair.

Her favorite activity is sketching and bird watching! 

Maisey was delivered by mail, and I was worried that she might have a defect but she is perfect! Her curls are so adorable and I love finger curling them, they add a lot of personality.   
She is also my very first Addy mold.
One other, kind of doll related item that I used Christmas money to buy is a 50mm Nikon lens! This was one of my first photoshoots I used the lens and I love it :)  
I'm very thankful to receive two of my most wanted items.  
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. Ahhh she's so cute! And I LOVE these photos you took, they are absolutely STUNNING.

    - Ellie

  2. She looks so so so cuuuuttttee!! Her personality makes me smile and her little face is adorable! Also these pics are super good, that lens is fabulous :-*

  3. Oh, congratulations! She's so cute and I love the personality you created for her! It's perfect!:) I love the name Maisey, too! Awesome photos, they really capture her beauty.:)

  4. She's adorable! :)

    Allie D.

  5. She is too cute! Great pictures.

  6. Congrats on such a beautiful doll! It looks like she will receive a lot of love by her new owner. I have a 50mm lens as well and I absolutely love it for portraits and low lighting! Enjoy all of your new treats. :)

  7. Welcome, Maisey! She's adorable! I also usually wear a flower in my hair.

  8. She's so cute! I love her personality.


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