Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review Tuesday

 Hi! This post is a continuation of last weeks post, the Gorgeous Gold dress by American Girl. These past few days and days after tomorrow are going to be even more busy than usual (auditioning for my school's musical!) so I'm left with an even smaller amount of blogging time than usual. Hopefully after this week I can find a better schedule to work blogging and doll time in :)
Rebecca is my model today for this dress, I think she looks gorgeous in it and the flower clip looks great with her short,curly hair. 

I really love the elastic wristlet, this stays on really well and completes the outfit. 

The dress is about knee length and drapes even lower in the back, most of the wrinkles did come out after some time and the tulle lays very nicely (Just the right amount of poof!). 

The neckline of the dress looks really well on a doll, not too high or low and the bows are a really great touch. I like where they put the bows, it's not at the obvious waistline and really helps tie in the bows on the shoes. 

Speaking of which, isn't this just the cutest picture? 

The sun was setting fast so I had to hurry to get these pictures taken on Sunday, that's why not very many are in this post! Halfway through taking pictures I decided to use my gold side of the reflector as a background! Perfect color :)
For Christmas family photos I can't decide who will wear this dress! Any suggestions?

I think this was my favorite purchase (clothing wise) this year from AG I have made! Even though I missed the blue dress from last year, this one is another great (and unique!) Christmas dress.  
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. Nice photos! Rebecca looks so pretty. I think either Charlotte or Rebecca would look pretty in it for Christmas photos. :)
    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. I love that dress! Unfortunately, I didn't put it on my Christmas list because I wanted to get outfits with pants and a top instead of dresses (for more versatility and mix-n-match opportunities) but hopefully I will still get it after Christmas.:) Your review is great!:D I think Rebecca is the perfect doll to wear that dress for Christmas photos!:)

    1. Mix and match I agree is important in a doll wardrobe, thank you!


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