Sunday, December 6, 2015

Doll Sized Christmas Mailbox

This was actually something I bought before Halloween even started- I was at Dollar Tree and they already had a small section of Christmas stuff and I was looking around and stumbled upon an adorable doll mailbox! They had at least two different sizes (I chose the smallest one) and I think more than two designs.  
Marie Grace with me today, don't worry!, her pin-curls are still their, I just tucked them into the braid ;)

It's snowed once or twice the past two weeks but never enough to cover the green grass and I refuse to start taking Christmas pictures until I take a few of Marie Grace and Lindsey in the snow. 

I debated between this one and another one- eventually I chose this one because the design was cuter. 

The graphic design on this one is perfect, it has a sort of vintage Christmas card feel to it. 

Not many of Mia's outfits that I have, have been featured on here. Like this one, a few pilling on the front of the sweater happened and over the years and I just recently learned a trick that works to take it off without damaging the sweater- use a razor. 

Plenty of space for those Christmas cards and gifts!  
For $1 it's a great deal. Now just to find a stand to glue it onto and have an outdoor photoshoot!  
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  1. That mailbox is really cute! I love the deer on the side and the flower on the flag.

    1. I love it! Such a cute and unique Christmas decoration for dolls.


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