Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review Tuesday

Hi! Today's review is on the Gorgeous Gold Outfit, one of the 2015 holiday dresses that is now currently unavailable. It retails for $36.

Compared to the other holiday dress I really like this one way better, and I knew that waiting to buy it on sale like I did with last years blue dress their would be a chance that I would miss buying it. Thankfully I learned my lesson and bought this one before it sold out :)

One of the other factors in deciding which one to buy was this one came with a purse and flower clip- unlike the typical dress,shoes and headband. 

The flower itself is a metallic gold and has a leathery texture, very well made and petals feel very secure. 

The gold bobby pin is great quality and the perfect size for doll hair, the bobby pin is really stiff and might take some time to easily slide into place. Metal and very durable, I don't think this will fall apart at all! 

Standard bobby pin look ;)

I feel like this sparkly gold material is way over used recently but looks great with the rest of the outfit. I think this purse is cute but the silver gem looks out of place, this is a gold outfit after all ;)

Something awesome I discovered is no tag in the purse! Only a very stylish "American Girl" metal tag on the back :)

The wristlet is cream colored elastic which I think is nice because it will fit securely on a dolls wrist without having to worry about it sliding off. 

Basic Velcro closure. 

Cream ribbon finishes the edges of the purse. 

The hair clip can fit in the purse but the purse has very little room to store things in. 

Again with the overused gold stuff! But cute shoes ;)

Cream bows and plastic soles. 

Yay! Just an "American Girl" stamp near the heel of both shoes, no tag on the inside!

Cream elastic, I'm not really fond of elastic straps like this on a doll shoe, while it's nice that it could potentially help the shoe to stay on it does make it harder to put on a doll. 

Still cute though :)

The dress! 

Back of the dress, standard Velcro. 

The dress consists of the main bodice, cream satin waistband and tulle hi-low skirt. The bodice is a stretch knit and has a raised darker creme texture to it. I love this aspect as the knit helps the dress fit on the older dolls and is easier to pull on. 

One of my favorite part of this dress- the bow straps! Really pretty and a great touch. 

The Velcro could snag on the delicate tulle, something that has happened to my older AG holiday dresses so be careful taking this on and off your doll. 

An off white underskirt (one layer) is used to make the tulle less see-through. 

AG tag near the bottom the the skirt. 

Three layers of tulle! One with gold, sparkly dots on it and two plain layers, all the same color. 

Overview- Really great outfit, I really enjoy the gold color because it's doesn't have to be just a Christmas dress, it can work well with other events and special occasions. The colors go really well together and my only complaint is because the dress was folded in the box some parts of the skirt are really wrinkly and don't lay right, I hope over time this will fix itself :) I'm so glad I was able to buy it before it's gone!, but to those who still want it, you never know if it's truly sold out or not ;) 
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. That dress is pretty! Can you post some pictures of one of your dolls in it?

    1. Yes! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  2. I don't think I could live if I don't get this dress. XD

  3. Great Review! I just love it when people do reviews like this and lots of pictures and details. It can really help on deciding whether to buy something or not. :)

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

    1. It does, doesn't it? That's why I love reviewing items and sharing with everyone if it's a must have or not.


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