Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Hollydays

Hi! Before I get into this post I wanted add a few updates-   
Last week I auditioned for my school's musical, and, I have a part! I'm excited to participate but not excited for what this means for the blog. The small time that I had to post at least 3 times on two blogs is going to be even shorter with rehearsals almost everyday of the week plus rearranging dance classes to fit in :/ 
So posts might be less and scattered but certainly not less quality or fun!  
Also, over Christmas break I will be traveling and may only bring at most one doll with me, so if things are quiet around here until around the New Year don't be alarmed :)  
Now onto the post...  
On one of the rare moments I found some time I worked on two Christmas themed circle skirts for my dolls to wear for Christmas pictures. The fabric was actually gifted to me so I ended up with a lot leftover, still not sure what to do with the rest! 

I made two skirts, one knee length and the other about thigh length. 

Charlotte and Mia volunteered to wear the cute skirts and I paired them with white tops to bring out the white berries of the holly print and balance the festive colors. 

The longer skirt I chose to pair with Kirsten's winter blouse, giving it a historical look, and for Mia I decided on the white sweater from the Soft as Snow outfit. 

I also used matching colored hair accessories to complete their outfit. 

Still working on Christmas tree bokeh ;)

I thought "hollydays" was a perfect title for this photoshoot because of the matching skirt and tree skirt!

With both dolls strawberry blonde/red hair I wasn't sure if they could pull off the red and green look but surprisingly they look great together! Especially Charlotte :)

I was so surprised at how cute this skirt turned out because originally I disliked the crazy print. I thought it wouldn't go with anything but I was wrong! 

My favorite picture 

Why yes, this tree is fake, some people are allergic to evergreens xD 

Last year I missed out on the Christmas tree and doll photos idea so be prepared for plenty more pictures featuring this spot :)


Favorite photo?  
What's your top item on your wishlist? Mine would either have to be TM#58 or a 50mm lens for my camera!  
Thanks for looking, 


  1. Great pictures! I either want #47 or Lea Clark! :)

  2. These are adorable photos of Charlotte! I love her skirt!

  3. These pictures are AMAZING! I want Lydia from AGAT and an outfit or two for her (although AGAT's stuff is like???? so expensive????), as well as a couple t-shirts (I have like no clothes this is a problem).

    1. Thank you!! I love AGAT and I really hope I buy something this year, it is kind of expensive so who knows!

  4. I love your skirt and tree! So festive! Good job, lovely shoot!

  5. I love these pictures, Polka Dot Bee! Charlotte looks beautiful and so festive!:) The skirt you made is so pretty! My top thing on my wish list is...probably some EAH dolls or the Merida Classic doll from Disney!:) I didn't put an AG doll on my wish list this year sadly, but if I had, I would have put TM #47!:D

    1. Thank you, she does look good in dark green :) I've been meaning to buy an EAH doll, all of them are so cute!

  6. So pretty! What musical are you in? I just got a part in Mary Poppins!


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