Friday, July 4, 2014

Dollar Store Wednesday

Hi, its Friday and I completely forgot about dollar store Wednesday.  You are in luck as I have an item from the dollar store that I took photos of a while back so enjoy! 

Hi! Its Felicity here and I want to show you something that is very useful, a sewing kit! I found this at my local dollar store and thought it would be perfect for me and my sisters and friends.  You all know Isabelle, girl of the year 2014, right? Well one of her talents is sewing and I think this would be perfect for Isabelle or any one who likes sewing (which is definitely not me) it comes in pink or purple which are two of Isabelle's colors. It includes spools of thread, needles, needle threader, scissors (not pictured), paper measure, and a thimble.  The bag could also work as a lunch bag or even a dance bag. 

Thanks for looking, Thrifty Find Friday will hopefully be up today or tomorrow! Happy Fourth of July!


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