Saturday, July 12, 2014

Coming Home

It was a Friday morning when our counselor told us we were going to have a visitor that was going to be our sister, so we all stayed in when we had quiet time and set up some balloons and a sign, Saige helped out of course.  We all waited impatiently as minutes ticked by....  

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------  I think I have the right address... 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Their was a knock at the door and a soft voice called "Is this Cabin Butterfly?"  
"Kirsten!!!!" We all yelled as we rushed over to her 

"I can show you wear to sit" Marie Grace explained as she showed Kirsten over to a chair decorated with hair ribbons, the only thing they could find that morning.  Mia followed closely behind. 

"We each got you a gift, here, open one." Felicity said as she handed Kirsten a shiny polka dot bag.  

As she opened all the presents Kirsten got up and said, "Thank you so much!" Saige said, "It was all Marie Grace's idea.." Marie Grace sheepishly looks at Kirsten "I know what its like to be the new sister and I thought a party would be the best thing to welcome a new sister into the family."  Kirsten got up and went over and gave Marie Grace a hug... Soon everybody joined in.  

Everybody posed for a group shot.  

"Here's your bed!, we found a quilt since you came from 1854 and were a pioneer and all." Mia remarked (STILL in her pj's ;)

Did any of you guess right? Did you think a new sister was going to join the family? That's all for now... Bye!


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